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5G Is An International Health Crisis In The Making

AUGUST 6, 2017 By Catherine J. Frompovich  TOPICS: 5G EMF Recently, I came across one of the most comprehensive articles about 5G and the problems it will create for humankind (and all of creation) if and/or when 5G is rolled out across nations around the globe, which I thought my readers ought to know about. I contacted the author, […]


2015/02/16  - A very important letter by Jerry Flynn from Bowser BC In case readers didn’t already know this, here are some facts that every school board – No, every community on earth – should know about cell towers (and wireless technology in general). School boards need to realize that the radiation emitted by cell towers […]

British Columbians Are Not Being Protected Against Non-Thermal Radiation!

January 28, 2015 Dear Dr. Kendall, British Columbians Are Not Being Protected Against Non-Thermal Radiation The Biggest Single Threat To Human Health – Ever! As British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer your mandate is to protect the health and well-being of all British Columbians, yet in the more than 15 years you’ve held that office, you […]

FortisBC : Smart Meters are not so smart

Posted: Friday, December 26, 2014 3:07 pm  In response to Ian Dyck’s recent letters supporting FortisBC’s smart meter installations (AMI), Okanagan people need to know that what you can’t see will hurt you. Eminent, independent, non-industry-funded scientists with expertise in the area of electromagnetic radiation have warned us now for many years that: a) long-term, low-level, […]

Health Crisis Looms in British Columbia Because Province Remains Ignorant of Non-Thermal Radiation!

Health Crisis Looms in British Columbia Because Province Remains Ignorant of Non-Thermal Radiation! November 18, 2014 Subject: Enemies of the People: Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau and B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer   Enemies of the People: 1.     Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau 2.     BC’s Provincial Health Officer   Non-thermal radiation, that which is […]