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“Irresponsible installation”: Coquitlam Mayor calls out utility poles

By Michelle Morton  Reporter/News Anchor  CKNW Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart took to Facebook on Tuesday to complain about two utility poles installed by Telus, which he said could hurt someone. “It’s downright dangerous, this is equipment including significant wiring within about six feet of the ground right next to our community centre and most of the wiring […]

New Coquitlam Antenna

New Telus antenna in Coquitlam BC, just east of Lougheed Mall on Lougheed Highway at Guilby Street , Its close to residents     0

Coquitlam limits location, look of cell towers

BY JOHN KURUCZ, COQUITLAM NOW SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 10:15 AM A new set of guidelines gives the City of Coquitlam the right to mandate where cellphone companies put towers and how they look, though the municipality still remains powerless in the approval process. That was the overriding message coming out of what was, at times, a […]

Port Coquitlam School/Cemetery faces Cell Tower

Months later the debate continues into Winter 2010 – Anyone who attends the Terry Fox Run or Residents of Port Coquitlam can express their remarks to the City Hall or the Media. Planned cellphone tower threatens sanctity of the cemetery where Terry Fox is buried BY DAPHNE BRAMHAM, VANCOUVER SUN MAY 27, 2010 PNG / […]

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