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Schools block access to social media in the classroom

Maple Ridge schools block access to social media in the classroom Students can’t access Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook when on school Wi-Fi ASHLEY WADHWANI  Fri Sep 8th, 2017 12:00pm   High school students in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows went back to class this week asking for the Wi-Fi password, only to be told they […]

Websters Corners fight Telus Antenna

Residents speak to Maple Ridge City Council about the proposed cellular antenna tower in Websters Corners (Dwedney Trunk Road).

5 Towers pop up in Maple Ridge

Without warning Telus rushes to install three brand new towers for WIFI on newly installed telephone poles.  The poles were recently replaced with taller poles for the antennas.  Crews have been working quickly to install them. Flyers were handed out to nearby residents to see if any of them were informed about the antenna poposal, […]

Maple Ridge Smart Meter opponent calls police on installers

Ron McNutt sent installers from Corix packing Tuesday, when neighbours asked them to install Smart Meters in a Darby Street townhouse complex. The analog monitoring system for six townhouses in the complex are located on the side of McNutt’s house.   Photograph By Eric Zimmer/TIMES Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times March 19, 2014 A Maple Ridge man […]

‘Move if so concerned about cell tower’

By Phil Melnychuk – Maple Ridge News Published: April 18, 2012 10:00 AM The property owner who lives where Alcatel-Lucent Canada wants to put a 60-metre tower on 110th Avenue in east Maple Ridge understands that her neighbours are worried. “I don’t blame them for having concern,” says Janine Brooker. But base your concern on […]

‘Move if so concerned about cell tower’

by  Phil Melnychuk – Maple Ridge News  posted Apr 18, 2012 at 10:00 AM Janine Brooker sits with her son Nick Schuchard on her property where a Telus cell phone tower is proposed. — Image Credit: Colleen Flanagan/The News The property owner who lives where Alcatel-Lucent Canada wants to put a 60-metre tower on 110th Avenue in east Maple Ridge understands […]

Another BC City Hall asks for Opt Out

Maple Ridge council calls for choice on Smart Meters Maple Ridge council voted Tuesday to send a letter to B.C. Hydro urging the provincial power utility to respect citizens right to opt out of the controversial $900 million project to replace the province’s 1.8 million power meters. Black Press/Files By Robert Mangelsdorf – Maple […]

Opt Out requested in Maple Ridge

21 of 24 Condo owners at a building in Maple Ridge sign a petition, and Mayor Daykin expresses his hope that BC Hydro will take the City Hall’s request seriously and allow people to give people a choice to Opt Out from smart meters.

MRSS student struggles with Wi-Fi A community forum this week will deal with health effects of wireless technology. BY MARIA RANTANEN, THE TIMES MARCH 8, 2011 The MacDonald family had to get rid of a transformer in their house to help Amy, 15, who has electro-hypersensitivity. A year ago, Amy MacDonald had problems getting out of bed. At 14, […]

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Farm Cell Tower, Homes closest to tower not contacted

Laity Elementary School in Maple Ridge BC was a hotspot for discussion in December about the health concerns of students in classrooms with WIFI routers.  A large cellular phone tower was then constructed behind the school on farmland.   A farmer that lives close to the tower does not recall ever receiving a letter about […]

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