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Canadian Parliament Committee on Wireless

Dr Sasco’s intro testimony on Apr 29th 2010 before Ottawa Parl. Committee Good morning.
My name is Annie Sasco. I am an MD with doctoral training at
 Harvard in epidemiology, two master’s degrees, and a doctoral degree.
I have been working in cancer epidemiology for the last 25 years at
the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which […]


Talk Show Queen Oprah Winfrey Urges National ‘No Phone Zone’ Day

By SUZAN CLARKE via GMA April 30, 2010 It’s a fact. Distracted driving kills, and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey is continuing her mission to prevent distracted driving deaths by urging drivers to make their cars “no phone zones” today. My plea is to recognize that really it is an addiction. Look, five years ago, 10 […]

Safety Code 6 draws criticism at Commons committee meeting

Health advocates and industry clash over health effects from wireless technology Could cell phone towers like this one in Merritt’s downtown core pose a significant health risk to humans?  Some experts say yes. MAY 3, 2010 JOHN O’CONNOR – NEWS EDITOR Concerns over the possible health effects from everyday wireless devices have prompted the federal […]

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