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Parents told to put kids back in WIFI school, or risk expulsion

By MORGAN IAN ADAMS COLLINGWOOD — The school board has issued notices to parents keeping their kids home because of Wi- Fi concerns that either the children return to school, or risk expulsion. Rodney Palmer, who heads up the Simcoe Safe School Committee, says he received a notice for his nine-year-old son, who hasn’t gone […]

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Safeway’s WIFI turnoff

Store Number 20 of the Safeway Grocery Store chain ( 3205 Lougheed Hwy Coquitlam BC ) made the move to have the entire store fitted with WIFI. That was the worst experience ever.  Witnesses said to the manager that they would not visit this store ever again unless this was removed. How practical is it to shop […]

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Port Coquitlam School/Cemetery faces Cell Tower

Months later the debate continues into Winter 2010 – Anyone who attends the Terry Fox Run or Residents of Port Coquitlam can express their remarks to the City Hall or the Media. Planned cellphone tower threatens sanctity of the cemetery where Terry Fox is buried BY DAPHNE BRAMHAM, VANCOUVER SUN MAY 27, 2010 PNG / […]

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Effects from Smart Meter Network

Multiple Smart Meters on the living room wall of a Stratford Home Microwave radiation from these six smart meters penetrates through the brick wall of this townhouse and causes very strong exposure levels inside the house. A young child spends most of her time in this living room, near to where the meters are […]


Director of Smart Meter program caught falsifying his identity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Hart, Stop Smart Meters! November 8th 2010 William Devereaux Infiltrated Health Advocacy Group in Order to Gather Intelligence San Francisco- William Devereaux, Senior Director of Pacific Gas and Electric’s ‘Smart’ Meter program has been caught falsifying his identity in a covert attempt to access information from a group […]

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Surrey BC School removes WIFI

CityTv News – Nov 4 2010 635am This information sent to Parliamentary HESA Committee November 1, 2010. Schools – Wired or Wireless? November 1, 2010 As a long-time principal of an independent school, I see the health and safety of our children as a non-negotiable responsibility. As technology contributes to ever-changing environmental influences, it’s […]

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