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Farm Cell Tower, Homes closest to tower not contacted

Laity Elementary School in Maple Ridge BC was a hotspot for discussion in December about the health concerns of students in classrooms with WIFI routers.  A large cellular phone tower was then constructed behind the school on farmland.   A farmer that lives close to the tower does not recall ever receiving a letter about […]

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Bob Boyce’s un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed

Boyce finally had the second VeriChip implant removed yesterday along with the associated tumor.  This time the surgical staff documented the implant with photos, and the surgeon placed the “foreign body” in a specimen container and sealed it to establish chain of custody evidence. by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Copyright © 2010 Last […]

Children pulled from Maple Ridge school over Wi-Fi concerns Samantha Boutet pulled her daughter, Gabrielle (left), 7, and Amelia, 11, out of Laity View elementary over concern about the dangers of Wi-Fi internet routers. (photo) By Robert Mangelsdorf – Maple Ridge News Published: December 10, 2010 8:00 AM Parents at a Maple Ridge elementary school have pulled their children out of school over fears radiation […]

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School Energy Coalition approves Smart Meters

In the rapid deployment of Smart Meters in Canada, are schools going to be exposed to the same WIMAX/WIFI radiation that the WIFI in Schools caused?   Did schools not step up and say anything against this? “School Energy Coalition” who claims to represent 72 Ontario School Boards ( aka Ontario Education Service Corporation ) and is part of […]

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