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Concerned Victoria Parents & Citizens Opposed to Wi-Fi in Schools

Press Release January 30, 2011 Submitted by: Karen Weiss, spokesperson for Citizens for Safe Technology Victoria (CST-Victoria) CST-Victoria are a group of parents and citizens concerned about the potential adverse health effects to students and staff in our public schools that could occur as a result of excessive exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted […]

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BC Smart meter installation and support contracts awarded

Smart meter installation and support contracts awarded to Corix, Capgemini, BC Hydro announces JANUARY 25, 2011 BY SCOTT SIMPSON, VANCOUVER SUN     COMMENTS Corix Utilities has won a $73 million installation contract in BC British Columbia’s Corix Utilities has won a $73 million contract to install new power meters for BC Hydro’s smart meter program. Hydro […]


Radiation Protection Incorporated

Electrical Industry operatives embedded within our health agencies ensure that allowable exposure levels to Electromagnetic Radiation remain dangerously high. Consequently regulations are more for the protection of corporations from citizen actions than to actually protect citizens from harm. This situation has destroyed the credibility of our health officials. Read the Entire Article (PDF) 0

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North Van neighbours fear cell tower

Tempe neighbours fear cell tower Microwaves from proposed tower concern BY TESSA HOLLOWAY, NORTH SHORE NEWS     JANUARY 9, 2011 Ralph Johnstone’s cellphone may work better when new antennas are installed on a tower in his Tempe Heights neighbourhood in North Vancouver, but the location — near where Johnstone is standing — overlooks a […]


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