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Smart Meters are Stupid Rally, June 22nd 2011

Press Release (PDF) Video Coverage : City Tv and Global News Dumb Meter Rally, June 22nd 2011 Video Coverage: Citizens Rally in Vancouver to Stop Smart Meters select image to view larger size Other Events in British Columbia Rally Advertisement, “Smart Meters are Stupid”, JUNE 22, 2011 10am BC Hydro Building, 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC PDF Colour […]

Why the Precautionary Principle Should but Doesn’t Apply in BC

Monday, 27 June 2011 09:15 Written by Rafe Mair There is a reason that we who want to save our environment are losing the war and may lose it outright unless we gird up our loins and fight to the death, politically speaking. The reason is simple: no government set in authority over us will apply […]

Kamloops : The Dark Side of Smart Meters The dark side of smart meters JUNE 6, 2011 Re: Smart Meters Set to Roll Out In Kamloops, May 27, 2011. Tests in the U.S. show smart meters are extremely easy to hack. Won’t that just make it easier to steal electricity? Information about our personal activities will be collected and broadcast wirelessly. BC […]

Kamloops : Smart meters may be harmful JUNE 23, 2011 New smart water meter transmitters being installed in Kamloops homes may be harmful to you and your children. Exposure to radio wave radiation from these transmitters is involuntary and will be continuous inside your home. The un-safeness of the “safety” standards for the continuously transmitting smart meters is apparent from the […]

Smart meters present health risks

Published: June 22, 2011 Dear Editor: In July of this year, B.C. Hydro and Fortis will embark upon a $1 billion plus venture to replace every analog hydro meter in the province with a wireless smart electrical meter. For consumers of electricity, who face up to a 50 per cent increase in their electrical utility […]

Risky meters

BY LEONA SUTHERLAND, THE PROVINCE JUNE 22, 2011 As a customer, I am appalled that B.C. Hydro is installing Smart Meters throughout B.C. this summer. I will not allow this dangerous technology into my home. Serious problems with smart meters, including increased fire and theft, higher monthly bills and privacy issues, are being brought to […]

B.C. Hydro ‘Smart’ Meter Program a Billion-Dollar Risk to Public Health

EMR Health Alliance of B.C. (EMRABC) For immediate release: Editorial: B.C. Hydro ‘Smart’ Meter Program a Billion-Dollar Risk to Public Health June 21, 2011 In July of this year, B.C. Hydro and FortisBC will embark upon a billion-dollar-plus venture to replace every analog hydro meter in the province with a wireless ‘smart’ meter by […]

Dear Premier Clark, Hon. Mr. de Jong, Dr. Kendall,

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 31 international scientists officially classified microwave radiation from wireless devices a 2b carcinogen. This is major news! All of those gadgets which have become essential to our lives, and which surround us 24/7 might cause cancer. Thousands of studies done by […]

Smart Meter Sensitivity

by Linda R. Floyd, Salt Spring Island – Island Tides (page 6) June 16, 2011: – Dear Editor: Since mid-February, when we found out about BC Hydro’s plans to replace all disc meters with a new technology called smart meters, my husband and I and many other neighbours, friends, and acquaintances have been going through […]

Organizing Smart Meter Resistance Across International Borders by canary in the wireless mine Saturday Jun 18th, 2011 4:50 AM The Smart Meter resistance goes international, as Joshua Hart, of the California grassroots group Stop Smart Meters, joins forces with Canadian anti-Smart Meter activists, on the Bmadd Show on CJSF 90.1FM, in British Columbia, Canada. (audio 51 minutes) Download audio: ssm_on_bmadd_61611.mp3 46.5MB […]

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