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WiFi report under Investigation

The entire report was based on testing by Karl Reardon who has an easily verifiable conflict of interest:

A former Director and General Manager of Motorola
A current industry consultant (Planetworks and Radiowize) with close financial ties to the telecommunication industry
Collecting paycheques from consultation on cell tower installations
Author of a celltower guidebook for the Municipal Engineers
Holder of seven US and EU patents on wireless and data technology
Chief Technology Officer of Wireless Image whose sole business is the sale of mobile advertising solutions for cellphones

CTV Disguised Infomercial as Investigative Report

Emf Facts Australia Is professional ETHICS part of CTV’s journalism? An Industry-funded and industry-affiliated infomercial was disguised as credible science by CTV News’ investigation on Wi-Fi radiation in schools. This piece is a poor attempt to offer false security to the public by using a flawed protocol and skewed data. It does not appear that CTV has […]

CTV: Wi-Fi Danger in Schools

It’s a shame that CTV – owned by Bell Canada, used a flawed testing protocol to misinform the public about the “low” level of Wi-Fi radiation, in the name of “investigative journalism”. We strongly protest against this PR piece being presented as “news”. Conflict of interest does not only exist at the CTV/Bell level, but also […]

Toronto Hospital is First to Recognize Symptoms from Wireless Radiation

TORONTO, June 18, 2012 /CNW/ – Women’s College Hospital says family doctors must learn to detect the symptoms of exposure to wireless radiation. The hospital released a statement saying the symptoms include disrupted sleep, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, memory problems, and skin rashes. These symptoms are now labelled Electro-magnetic Hyper-sensitivity, or “EMS”. “Health-care practitioners […]

Telus plans for Coquihalla Tower,tower Telus has applied for approval to erect a 60 m Wireless Communications Tower within the boundaries of the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. Although the Zopkios Reststop area could hardly be called “undisturbed”, adding additional non-recreational infrastructure can only detract from the significant visual and environmental values of the C.S.R.A. This is a protected area. What were the […]

Smart Meter started House Fire?

  Video Coverage By: Date: Saturday Jun. 16, 2012 4:47 PM PT Two families in Mission, B.C. will spend a second night in a hotel after a fire forced them from their homes on Friday. Mission Fire Chief Ian Fitzpatrick says fire crews were paged to the 7900-block of Burdock Street around 11:30 p.m. and […]

Classes cancelled at B.C. school after two students faint, taken to hospital

By: The Canadian Press Posted: 12/6/2012 4:10 PM  PORT MOODY, B.C. – Classes were cancelled and about 500 children were sent home from a Port Moody, B.C., elementary school after two students fainted and at least six were taken to hospital, said officials with the local school district and fire department. Not long after the incident, which […]

Vancouver approves motion for MORE cell towers By 24 HOURS Mayor Gregor Robertson is expected to introduce a motion looking at installing more cell phone infrastructure in Vancouver Tuesday morning. Citing a demand of additional coverage and the need for more “4G” infrastructure, the motion suggests Vancouverites are moving away from landlines. Robertson’s motion also wants staff to check out if […]

University effected by Cell Tower

  Over the years Simon Frazer University has grown, and their water tower / cell tower, which was isolated prior to the construction of the numerous condominiums, was not so far away from where all the new residents lived.   Many are not aware of the health concerns about cellular tower antennas, or the past […]

Residents refuse Meters in London Ontario

Get Smart for summer by Debora Van Brenk – The London Free Press – June 05, 2012 About 20 London households remain hydro-meter holdouts — adamantly refusing to allow London Hydro installers to switch their homes to smart meters. “We’re really trying hard to work with each of those customers,” says London Hydro spokesperson Nancy Hutton. […]

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