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The Rise of the Smart Grid

Obama’s plan for a state-of-the-art electrical grid is gaining power bit by digital bit By MICHAEL GRUNWALD | July 26, 2012 Washington, America’s power center, recently experienced life without power—the kind that gets generated, not the kind that gets wielded. After a nasty storm knocked out the Beltway’s electricity for days during a heat […]

The Smart Grid is the Slave Grid

by Roger Toutant – Civil Liberties – Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada – July 25, 2012 We have all heard the hype about the “smart grid” and it goes something like this:  North Americans are using too much energy.  Consequently, the energy grid is under great stress and may fail.  Our only hope is […]

Cellular towers sprouting around Canadian churches

Churches across Canada are erecting massive cellphone towers on their properties as cash-strapped congregations help feed the country’s insatiable desire for cellular coverage, CBC’s John Lancaster reports. Dartmouth, N.S., Port Sandfield, Ont., Mississauga, Ont., and Calgary are among the communities that have seen the huge towers erected on church property — sometimes disguised as crosses. […]

Class action against BC Hydro for smart meters

CTV British Columbia Published Saturday, Jul. 14, 2012 1:41PM PDT A Vancouver Island man is gearing up for a David and Goliath battle against BC Hydro and its smart meter program by taking the first steps in a class action lawsuit. Phillip Oldridge became outraged when he saw his hydro consumption triple after a smart […]

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