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Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm, Studies Show

Phones Carried on Belt or in Pants Pocket May Harm Reproductive Health Although most scientific and public attention on the issue of the safety of cell phone radiation has focused on evidence suggesting an increased risk of brain tumors (Baan 2011), a little-noticed but growing body of research points to a new concern – sperm […]

Should there be harsher penalties for phoning and texting while driving?

Sunday, August 25, 2013 Listen Here Itunes Texting and driving: Distracted driving is fast becoming the number one killer on the highways. Some say it should be treated like drunk driving. What will it take to prevent it: harsher penalties or clever campaigns? With guest host Ted Blades. Introduction When the province of Nova […]

WiFi of Miscarriages in 1st Trimester from Microwaves

NEW Barrie Trower WiFi Report – Humanity At The Brink By Barrie Trower September 8-24-13  Abstract As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give […]

iPads: How Safe Are Our Children?

“In the past few years, iPad has become many adults’ best friend and children’s babysitter. It is used as a computer, eBook reader, camera, video/music player, word processor, communication device, drawing tool, game pad, and more. “Apple says, “Read all safety information below and operating instructions before using iPad to avoid injury.” The safety information […]

Hydro One customers fume over long-standing billing mess

Rural MPPs say power utility tops lists of complaints BY HUGH ADAMI, OTTAWA CITIZEN JULY 31, 2013 Thousands of Hydro One users in Eastern Ontario and other rural parts of the province are being left in the dark as to when their next electricity bill will arrive. Some have not received a bill since 2012. […]

Smart meter coercion

Surrey Leader – Letters to the Editor Published: July 29, 2013 2:00 PM Updated: July 29, 2013 2:09 PM I write in response to the story published in The Leader July 23 in which we are told that fees will be levied on the 60,000 households that have refused a smart meter. These fees are […]


  PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release July 26, 2013   SMART METER CLASS ACTION FILED JULY 25, 2013 DEMANDING RIGHT OF FREE CHOICE FOR ALL   Commencement of proceedings   With the support and representation of the Citizens for Safe Technology Society & the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, a class action has been […]

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