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Saskatchewan to Remove Smart Meters

(video) SaskPower Removing Smart Meters (video) SaskPower Removing Smart Meters Wed, Jul 30 – A major development for the troublesome SaskPower smart meters. The government is ordering the crown utility to remove each of the 105 thousand units already installed in the province. It comes after eight reported fires linked to smart meters. Mike McKinnon explains how much this is […]

Smart meter explodes in Saskatoon, weeks after SaskPower halts program

Brad McNairn, who lives in Saskatoon’s Willow Grove neighbourhood, told CTV his smart meter — seen here in this combination photo — blew out around 1 a.m. July 26, sending scorch marks up the side of his house. (Brad McNairn) CTV Saskatoon Published Saturday, July 26, 2014 6:47PM CST Another SaskPower smart meter exploded Saturday, […]

EHS acknowledged as occupational disease by the court of appeal in Germany

  EHS of a former German Army Radar-mechanic acknowledged as occupational disease by the court of appeal for administrative litigation in German state Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Oberverwaltungsgericht) 3 LB 21/11, September 13, 2012 The plaintiff worked for the German army (Bundeswehr) from 1970 to 1992 as a mechanic for Radar systems. While working he was exposed […]

Fortis BC Smart Meter Installations begin 2015


C4ST – Press Conference July 9, 2014

Published on Jul 15, 2014 Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadian’s for Safe Technology and Dr. Carpenter, Co-Editor of the Bio-Initiative Report address Health Canada on the failings of Safety Code 6 and the floored review process that ignored over 130 scientific studies that support the view that wireless radiation can have significant biological effects at levels […]

Cell Tower fight in Naramata BC

The results of the Public Information Meeting: Leave a reply The Information Meeting on Thursday was well attended and was a positive step in the process of trying to get this TELUS facility placed in another location than next to the KVR Trail. In attendance were two employees of TELUS’ land agent, Standard Land, and […]

Vancouver café will be a refuge from Wireless

video :  “Escape the Internet at the Faraday Cafe” Internet-free Vancouver café will be a refuge from the tyranny of digital signals BY SAM COOPER, THE PROVINCE JULY 2, 2014 It could be argued that when we go out to dine or drink we ought to share the experience with the friends surrounding us, and perhaps […]

FortisBC Installing Meters in Penticton – JULY 2014

According to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters BC,  A report today from Penticton BC stated that FortisBC is installing Smart Meters in the WestBench Area of Penticton.   Past Coverage on FortisBC Smart Meter Program : FortisBC Inc 2013 Advanced Metering Infrastructure CPCN   Fortis eyes smart meters for South Okanagan by  Joe Fries […]

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