The City of Upland Is Killing Us With 22 Million Radiation Blasts From 2 Hidden Directional Antennas

Published on Jul 25, 2017

Originally recorded on 2/12/17. Our family of 5 moved into our Upland home in perfect health. Three (3) months later, I was gravely ill. My symptoms included excruciating burning of my mouth and tongue, unbearable ringing in my ears, staggering dizziness and vomiting, cranial nerve dysfunction causing severe difficultiy with breathing, swallowing, and speaking, vision impairment and pain, dangerously elevated heart rate when at rest and I was so sick, the neurologists told us to expect a brain tumor, then ALS, MS, MG, etc. After exhaustive medically testing, no cause could be found and no diagnosis had been made. Then, my husband and our children started becoming symptomatic, exhibiting many of the same symptoms. By December 2016, it was determined that ALL of our symptoms were ALL completely environmentally induced and were coming from around our own Upland home. We fled our home and went into full spontaneous remission. Yet, when we returned, we fully regressed once again. This pattern has been repeated 6 times since December of 2016, where we go into full spontaneous remission when we are able to live anywhere else but our own Upland home for several days. The cause of our environmentally induced symptoms was finally discovered.

The City of Upland has 2 directional transmitting antennas, hidden behind our block fence wall, aimed directly into our home, at human head level. These transmitters blast every sq. ft. of our 1 story home, only 80’ away, with directed energy and concentrated radiation 58,000 times a day. Our only collective medical diagnosis is Radiowave Sickness and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. In Feb, 2017, I was hospitalized for 3 days after suffering a cardiac event and a seizure, solely because of this directed radiation. I have begged the Upland City Council, the Mayor, the City Manager, the Public Works Director and the City Attorney to relocate their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) transmitters for the past 8 months.

They’ve ignored countless phone calls and messages, 70 detailed emails being hundreds of pages, 47 Formal Public Records Requests, 18 videos on YouTube, my begging them at a public hearing and a letter from my doctor, telling them it is absolutely medically imperative that they stop blasting us with directed, concentrated radiation because my life is at risk. I am so sick, I have to wear a heart monitor when inside my own home. Upland has directional transmitters hidden behind residential homes, all over town and for the past 8 months, they will not tell us what the data is that they are transmitting 58,000 times a day through our bodies, or where it is going, nor will they tell us, where the other transmitters are, despite 47 Formal Public Records Requests, sighting the EXEMPTIONS below, with F & G being totally UNBELIEVEABLE!! I’ve made impassioned pleas to our County Supervisors, Our State & U.S.Representatives and our Governor to PLEASE HELP US!

Upland’s response to 47 Public Records Requests is: “The Public Records Act permits a local agency to withhold records that are exempt from disclosure.  (Gov. Code § 6250, et seq.).  The City is withholding records from disclosure, in whole or in part, pursuant to one or a combination of the exemptions listed below:

A. Privileged communications between the City and its legal counsel are exempt.

B. Information constituting attorney work product is exempt from disclosure.

C. Preliminary drafts, notes, or interagency or intra-agency memoranda are exempt.

D. Records that reveal the deliberative process of decision-makers are exempt.

E. Records that would reveal the mental process of legislators are exempt from disclosure and the motivation of the City Council are exempt.

F. Information contained in such records, for which the public interest served by nondisclosure clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure are exempt from disclosure.

G. Records the Department of Homeland Security considers ”critical infrastructure information” are exempt from disclosure.



The City of Upland is using directional transmitters, directly behind residential homes, aimed directly into residential homes, in densely populated residential neighborhoods. These are NOT REMOTE LOCATIONS and data could be collected using a hardwired Ethernet connection, instead of a wireless one. The manufacturers of the radio equipment and directional antennas Upland is using, are on record saying they would never say it was safe, nor would they ever recommend, installing directional transmitting antennas behind residential homes and aiming the concentrated radiation into residential homes, ever. In fact, occupation workers are warned nationwide, that directional antennas concentrate the radiation which is a health hazard and for workers to never stop in front of a directional antenna, but to walk behind them or under them, wearing protected shielded clothing, while using a personal RF meter. Yet Upland forces families to take direct blasts at human head level 58,000 times a day.