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Video: (set subtitles to English – not great, but gives you some idea) Dozens of starlings in Den Haag die a mysterious death – A great mystery in the Huijgenspark in The Hague. There were in the last week, nearly 150 dead starlings found. Last Friday, there were thirty, Wednesday, there were again thirty, and Thursday were at exactly the same place, almost ninety songbirds found dead.
5G experiments in The Hague: hundreds of birds fall dead from the trees en masse(translated on Yandex at
About a week ago, the many dead birds that spontaneously dead fell in a park in The Hague, which everyone hoped that this might be a one-off incident. Unfortunately….
It now appears that there are a large number of dead starlings have been found:
A week after the last massive starlings mortality in the Huijgenspark in The Hague, there are again dozens of dead starlings found. The Animal speaks at least 150 new bird corpses. That brings the death toll to 297.
Now again the same story: no one has any idea what the cause of this sudden bird deaths. Until you go look at what happened last week when those birds dead lives.
On the corner hoefkade stands on the roof of HS, feel free a new 5G mast , low on the roof is not visible. There was a test done, this was the Hollands spoor station to see how big the range was, and whether any adverse equipment damage would occur on and around the station
Immediately after, attacked the birds flock dead from the trees. And the ducks that swam on the sick / maanenkade and pletterijkade seemed also very strange to respond so I’ve heard. As if they suddenly simultaneously their head underwater did to to the radiation to escape, and some wanted to fly away and crash down on the street or in the canal.
Almost at the same time that the animals death fall, near train station Holland Spoor tested with a 5G cell tower.
Some more information about that 5G test last week:
In the meantime (30-10-2018) any further information received. The birds that flock death lives (Ed.?) would be the victim of an experiment, on that day in Den Haag performed, where RF radiation is tested with a peak frequency of 7,40 GHz. This information comes from one source, and would still need to be confirmed, if possible.
Not clear at this time whether there is now more testing with 5G cell towers are running, but up until now, everything points in the direction of 5G, the most likely cause.
Already happened crazy things like with the cows in the Groningen Loppersum last year, where it was also tested with 5G. But also how, in Switzerland, a complete herd of cows in a ravine, collapsed when it was tested with 5G.


Birds dying in the Hague -I wonder why – trans. Dutch