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Smart Meter with Radio-Off is STILL Broadcasting

According to the person who made this video, the meter is said to be off, but the readings show otherwise.


Itron Meter Problems

Fires and Melted Smart Meters in British Columbia


The Truth about Itron and B.C. Hydro Wired Connections

UPDATED AUG 22 – Evidence that shows BC Hydro’s claims that “Meters can not be wired”, is in fact not only possible, but it actually has been done with Ontario Homes.  ITRON WIRED CONNECTIONS are available. Wired meter communications was the original concept in smart meter patents.


More about Smart Meters



Identify a Smart Meter, Mesh Collector, Relay


Issues with Smart Meters

Security, Safety, Privacy


Issues with OPT OUT Fee$

BC appears to be paying the most for Analog meters