“Pure Fibre” is really called “Fibre to the NODE Network”

Telus speaks of faster speeds, but they do not want you to know about the WIRELESS ANTENNAS that will emit radiation 24/7

If Telus was really serious about keeping customers, they would REMOVE the radio frequency and WIRE everything – with only the option to those who want wireless.

However its set up the other way around,  Those who do NOT want wireless from Telus are getting stuck with it, even though they insisted they did not want it.


Wikipedia says :

Fibre to the Node means : “FTTN/C is seen as an interim step towards full FTTH and in many cases triple-play services delivered using this approach have been proven to grow subscriber numbers and ARPU considerably[22][23][24] FTTN/C is currently used by a number of operators, including AT&T in the United States, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, Greece‘s OTE, Swisscom, TIM in Italy, Proximus in Belgium, nbn™ in Australia, and Canadian operators Telus, Cogeco and Bell Canada.


Telus Vancouver Flyer

Areas of Vancouver ALREADY installed

Telus Edmonton Flyer

Edmonton Small Cells ALREADY Installed on 137th Ave


Fibre Optics ONLY Network :

Safe, Secure, Save Money, Expandable, Source of Revenue for City

Handout from a recent meeting in BC about Fibre Optic ONLY Networks :