As more people are learning about Small Cells / eNodeB antennas,  People want to know what they can do.

Here are some of the things we would suggest trying :
1 – Contact local Representatives who are attending UBCM in September (2017) and see what they know about SmallCells and 5G.

If it is a new topic for them, share information about risks with 4G at close range and 5G millimetre wave antennas.

Telus Microcell / Smallcell / eNodeB_Flyer.pdf


5G and The IOT.pdf

5G technology_Should be Banned.pdf

2 – Show your local MLA, MP, Neighbourhood, Family and Friends the levels recorded here in BC.

3 – Talk to the local news papers about it.  Comment on articles about the issue.

4 – You are welcome to sign the petition