2014  Update

Since December 2013, BC Hydro has issued the Opt Out “Legacy Meter Fee”

You can read up on the current actions on StopsmartmetersBC.ca or CitizensforSafeTechnology.org

The following material was showing people how to Opt Out of a BC Hydro Smart Meter (2011-2013)



2013  Final Refusal Notice

BC Hydro has sent out letters to homes and businesses that did not want a smart meter,

If you received a letter in early January 2013 from BC Hydro, you can respond with this letter


1. Send a Non Concent Letter to BC Hydro

2. Hang “Corix No Trespassing”signs beside your Meter AND on your front door!

Find templates at stopsmartmetersbc.ca under “Take Action” or “Printables”.

Attach signs in Ziploc or plastic sleeve beside meter; do not cover face of meter.

Send letter by email and registered mail.

3. Join the Coalition www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca to get updates.

See Citizensforsafetechnology.org “Smart Meter Action Kit” and sign on-line petition.

4. If you don’t have Email Call BC HYDRO (1-800-224-9376),

choose “Billing & Payment Matters”.

Insist that your account be flagged that you “do not consent to

the Installation of a Smart Meter”! Be insistent.

5. Pre-register for the Petition Initiative Vote   www.stopsmartmeters.ca ( Website opens in NOV 2011)