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Hosts of Cellphone Towers Are Liable For Lawsuits

Issue: Vol.27 No.57  |  Monday, 19 April 2010 Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe Staff Writer Many plot owners who earn money from hosting cellphone towers in their homes may not have a clue that they are the ones liable to be sued for radiation, not the cellphone companies. This emerged from a presentation by a world renown scientist in […]

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North Van neighbours fear cell tower

Tempe neighbours fear cell tower Microwaves from proposed tower concern BY TESSA HOLLOWAY, NORTH SHORE NEWS     JANUARY 9, 2011 Ralph Johnstone’s cellphone may work better when new antennas are installed on a tower in his Tempe Heights neighbourhood in North Vancouver, but the location — near where Johnstone is standing — overlooks a […]


Farm Cell Tower, Homes closest to tower not contacted

Laity Elementary School in Maple Ridge BC was a hotspot for discussion in December about the health concerns of students in classrooms with WIFI routers.  A large cellular phone tower was then constructed behind the school on farmland.   A farmer that lives close to the tower does not recall ever receiving a letter about […]

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