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Allergic to Wi-Fi? (CBS)

The Doctors (CBS)   Jul 13, 2016 Can you be allergic to Wi-Fi? Chemical electromagnetic-sensitivity expert Dr. Lisa Nagy joins The Doctors to increase awareness about this very real condition.

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MRSS student struggles with Wi-Fi A community forum this week will deal with health effects of wireless technology. BY MARIA RANTANEN, THE TIMES MARCH 8, 2011 The MacDonald family had to get rid of a transformer in their house to help Amy, 15, who has electro-hypersensitivity. A year ago, Amy MacDonald had problems getting out of bed. At 14, […]

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Forced to Disconnect – Gunilla Ladberg

Forced to Disconnect This book is about people in Sweden who after having developed hypersensitivity to electricity or/and microwave radiation from wireless technologies have become fugitives in their own country.

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