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We don’t want SmartMeters   Joanne Sales, Oceanside Star Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011 THE EDITOR: This summer, BCHydro wants to install SmartMeters, new electric meters installed on our homes to broadcast energy usage. BCHydro says they are open to public input. Here are my concerns. If SmartMeters are so safe, why are 32 cities and counties in California […]

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE – STOP SMART METERS Campaign in British Columbia launched

For Immediate Release                                15,03,2011 The EM Radiation Health Alliance of BC is calling for a halt to the Smart Meter Program and announces the launch of their “Power to the People – Stop Smart Meters”, Campaign. Co-chair Walt McGinnis and members of the EMR Health Alliance will be putting Hydro representative’s feet to the fire […]

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BC Hydro will work with homes concerned about Meters

2011 Interview with Cindy Verschoor at BCHydro on safety concerns Transcript  : “We have NOT conducted any studies on the EFFECTS of wireless technology“ “It could be Wired or Wireless” “We do understand that some customers do have some concerns about  technology, and that there are some people who are sensitive to wireless technology and in […]

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March 10, 2011 VANCOUVER – With a pending 50 per cent increase to B.C. Hydro rates, New Democrat interim leader Dawn Black and energy critic Doug Donaldson today called on Premier-designate Christy Clark to take steps to protect families from skyrocketing B.C. Hydro bills. Black said Ms. Clark should start by suspending B.C. Hydro’s $1-billion […]

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First to Profit from $1B Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders First to Profit from $1 Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders Firm winning $73 million contract is connected to BC Hydro director, has close ties with Libs. By Will McMartin, Today, Share Twitter shared 34 times. British Columbians frustrated by a looming 50 per cent increase in their monthly power bills probably will […]


Smart Meters Pose Health Risk

Gulf Islands Driftwood - Opinion Published: February 16, 2011  10:00 AM By CHRIS ANDERSON Electromagnetic radiation – EMR – such as measured from so-called smart meters –  has been associated in many scientific studies with negative health effects: (“Gulf Islands pilot for BC Hydro Wireless project”, Feb. 9). Hydro has decided to install a WIMAX system and smart […]

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BC Hydro’s Wireless Pilot project

RuggedCom’s Utility Grade RuggedMAX Broadband Wireless Solution to be Deployed in a Field Trial of a Proposed WiMAX Wide Area Network. CONCORD, ON, Jan. 31 /CNW/ RuggedCom Inc., (“RuggedCom”) (Toronto:RCM.TO), a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged communications networking solutions for mission-critical applications in harsh environments, today announced it has been selected as a supplier […]

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BC Smart meter installation and support contracts awarded

Smart meter installation and support contracts awarded to Corix, Capgemini, BC Hydro announces JANUARY 25, 2011 BY SCOTT SIMPSON, VANCOUVER SUN     COMMENTS Corix Utilities has won a $73 million installation contract in BC British Columbia’s Corix Utilities has won a $73 million contract to install new power meters for BC Hydro’s smart meter program. Hydro […]


Effects from Smart Meter Network

Multiple Smart Meters on the living room wall of a Stratford Home Microwave radiation from these six smart meters penetrates through the brick wall of this townhouse and causes very strong exposure levels inside the house. A young child spends most of her time in this living room, near to where the meters are […]


Director of Smart Meter program caught falsifying his identity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Joshua Hart, Stop Smart Meters! November 8th 2010 William Devereaux Infiltrated Health Advocacy Group in Order to Gather Intelligence San Francisco- William Devereaux, Senior Director of Pacific Gas and Electric’s ‘Smart’ Meter program has been caught falsifying his identity in a covert attempt to access information from a group […]

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