Over the last 25 years cellular companies have wanted their antennas placed on high vantage points, such as tall buildings and water towers.  Questions arise when radiation is very close to the drinking water supply for the town.  Here are some examples where water towers and cell phone antennas have created more questions then real answers.  Since the water towers are metal, some people with EHS find more reflection.


List from USA  http://www.eureka4you.com/water-usa/index.htm


Simcoe, Ontario




” The particular cell tower in question is atop a water tower. I assume [name withheld] scientists have taken water towers into account in SC6. This water tower is also a 3042 watt microwave cell tower. Water flows in and out of the water tower like a river. This river is encased in metal, almost an inside-out parabola. The water is flowing in this large metal case (refer to SC6 about large metal objects). The case is encircled with electricity going to the eight antennae. A microwave dish is attached to the tower. Microwaves constantly bombard the water tower. All this is in the middle of a residential community that includes a hospital, nursing home and elementary school. ”


Burnaby, BC




Over the years Simon Frazer University has grown, and their water tower / cell tower, which was isolated prior to the construction of the numerous condominiums, was not so far away from where all the new residents live.   Many are not aware of the health concerns about cellular tower antennas, or the past health experiences from this particular tower by people who worked at this campus, in the main building and in the Hydro building.





Hopkins, Minnesota



Santiago, Chile




Clinton, Missouri

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Detroit Lakes, Minnesota