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Doctors sound alarm after 84 infection deaths at Burnaby hospital (with video)


VICTORIA — Eight senior physicians are ringing serious alarm bells about the risk of patients contracting C. difficile at Burnaby General Hospital, saying 84 people have died there with the infection within a period of two and a half years.

“We would characterize current CDAD [C. difficile] infection control management at Burnaby Hospital, at best, as a serious hazard to the patient population,” said a Jan. 9 letter sent to the head of Fraser Health by members of the hospital’s infection control committee.

“Such is the degree of the CDAD problem and the ineffectual response to it, that we believe it could objectively be considered medical negligence.”

The hospital did post notices in individual wards when outbreaks occurred, but did not issue a hospital-wide notice to the public, according to the Fraser Health Authority.

The doctors — six of whom are department heads at the hospital — say there have been 473 serious cases of C. difficile at Burnaby General from 2009 to mid-2011, and 84 associated deaths.

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Google Maps (2011) show few antennas, but a recent visitor spotted many large antennas on the roof (2016)


Mission Hospital Cancer Cluster :  From Cell Towers or BC Hydro Transformers below Lab?

“The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in favour of three Mission Memorial Hospital workers

who claimed they developed breast cancer as a result of conditions in their laboratory workplace.”

The Hospital moved the transformers out of the basement area to the west side of the parking lot. Knowing that the transformers would normally be placed close to the outside wall where the power lines enter the building, and knowing that the outside wall was under the lab area, and knowing that most cancer was in the lab area,  it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the most likely cause.   BC Cancer agency checked the place out and found “no particular cause”?  Transformers were moved when the new building was being built on the hospital grounds south west of the hospital.  The main power lines run along Hurd street, cross over Hurd to a pole, run underground to the transformers, which used to be in the building, on the same side as the labs.




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Cellular Antenna on SCHOOLS

Cellular Antenna on HOSPITALS

Cellular Antenna on APARTMENTS

Cellular Antenna on FIRE STATIONS

Cellular Antennas near HOMES