As Colorado eases small cell regulations, cities work to keep up

Fort Collins considering a moratorium on small cell deployments

By  Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief on  

On July 1, Colorado legislation went into effect that is designed to make it easier for network operators to install small cell equipment. HB 17-1193 requires cities to give carriers access to public rights-of-way, and imposes a so-called “shot clock” requiring project approval in 90 days for attachment to existing infrastructure, and 150 days for a new structure.

Colorado Wireless Association Regulatory Specialist John Rowe wrote in a memo earlier this year, “Local jurisdictions may still deny or limit placement of communications or broadband facilities to protect public health, safety, and welfare so long as it does not advantage or disadvantage a telecommunications or broadband provider or have the effect of prohibiting a provider from providing service within the service area.”

With the new law on the books, officials in Fort Collins are considering how to comply while still maintaining control of their community. To that end, the local City Council next wee will consider placing a moratorium on small cell deployments through the end of the year while it develops regulations governing wireless infrastructure placement on public, rather than private, property, according to a report from The Coloradoan.

Denver-based attorney Brandon Dittman, of firm Kissinger and Fellman, P.C., told the local media outlet, “Most cities have standards for towers on their own property and on private property, but almost nobody has anything relating to the use in a right-of-way. It’s been a rush for a lot of people that don’t have these standards. We’re all working together with the industry to come up with the best standards that allow for efficient deployment while protecting the public interest in the right-of-way.”

A Verizon spokesperson told The Coloradoan, “Our goal is to continue discussions around creating a mutually beneficial platform that meets the increasing demands of our customers with solutions that blend into the community .We know connectivity is critical for small business, students and residents in Fort Collins and we are ready to meet the demand of today and build out the network of tomorrow.”


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