The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters is asking everyone who is experiencing any

problems during the installation of a smart meter or after having a smart meter

installed to contact them at: [email protected]

The problems can be related to any issue such as:

– Intimidation, threats, bullying by Corix installers or BC Hydro

– Increased utility bills

— Damage to appliances, meters or property

– Interference with home or medical equipment

– Health. Health effects most often reported in other jurisdictions include,

but are not limited to: Tinnitus or Ringing in the ears, Palpitations, Tachycardia,

Arrhythmia, Headaches, Dizziness, and Sleep disturbance

It is important that all problems be reported in detail, with date of installation of the

smart meter, and the date when problems occurred, began or were first noticed.

Such data could be useful for legal redress.

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

[email protected]