As wireless became popular, the side effects were increasing, and people in Canada wanted answers.  Some individuals devoted many years of hard work, researching, debating, educating others about the risks.  Future generations will look back and wish that more people – specifically people of leadership – had of listened to these voices from British Columbia.


Jerry Flynn –   Captain

This man devoted a lot of time to help wake the world up.  His career was all about radiation, signals intelligence and electronic warfare.  He knew the risks.  After he found about the wireless risks from Smart Meters on every home – he constantly contacted the leaders of BC and the Government of Canada about wireless.  A True Canadian Hero who passed away in June 14th 2022.

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Larry Blackhaul –  Radar Station

He worked for years at the Navy station’s powerful antennas near Mission BC and Aldergrove BC, where large antennas broadcasting microwave radiation are located very close to local farms.

Larry was fully aware of the risks of radiaton.  His career was hard on his health, and in his last years he wanted people to know about the radiation exposure to the Farms during the Avian Flu Chicken issue in the Abbotsford BC area in 2005.

“A catastrophic intersection of two normally beneficial technologies. EM Radiation and Chick Production.”  was his summary at the top of his presentation : Blackhall Document  

Since 2005,  similar events have taken place again – yet the radiation is not reduced, it has increased.


Robert Riedlinger – EHS

A Harrison Hot Springs resident who had retired from his career in construction, found that the recently erected microwave antennas from cellular companies were effecting his health and his wife’s health.   It was so sever that it caused the two people effected to take to the road and search for a safe place to live.

After searching across British Columbia, and writing countless letters to the provincial and federal governments about the effects the cellular industry has caused – Robert found an official scientist and doctor who were willing to listen to him.   They found out that his delma was legitimate.  Studies were made inside their federal test facility in Penticon BC where they confirmed that Rieldinger did have a sensitivity to the microwaves from wireless communications.  After these officials looked into the health effects on Riedlinger, the officials were told to suddenly retire – according to Riedlinger.

Health Canada and Allan Rock knew Riedlinger as he wrote many more letters in the 1990s, and spoke with the media as cell towers were debated in Vancouver with Milt Bowling, a parent that wanted to remove antennas from his child’s school rooftop, and then again the next door rooftop, a church cross.  This was an indication in the 1990s, that early on in the wireless rollout, that big problems were ahead.  Robert was dedicated to this issue, as it bothered him day and night.

He lived in several different homes, avoided the big cities due to the buzzing it caused,  petitioned about smart meters on his home,  and finally the risks of 5G millimetre waves – pure radiation at a level Canada has never faced before.

This man devoted a lot of time to help wake not only Canada up, but the world – interacting with scientists and others effected – from around the world.  A true Canadian hero who passed away September 1st 2022.

CRTC Ottawa, 3 November 1998 – Radio Broadcasting Transmitters

CRTC October 15, 2001 –  Cellphone Coverage to Rural Areas