Cell Phone companies searched for locations for their antennas,  Church steeples and roof tops were prime rental locations, some times hidden in the cross or steeple.

In many cases, Churches own property next door, that is often apartments, and often cellular companies show up offering even more rental income from installation of antennas.


Vancouver, BC

FraserView School Antennas Removed – Church Installs antennas, also Removed – Feb 1999


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate Program, from the February 9, 1999 segment entitled “Cone of Silence.”

…The cellular company approached the school board and what they made an arrangement to do was to put transmitters and receivers on top of this 85-year-old school in exchange for annual rent.

MALAREK: How much money are we talking here?

BOWLING: Well, I’m not sure exactly – they keep that confidential – but I believe it’s around $9,000 or $10,000 a year.

MALAREK: Milt wanted to know if the darn things were safe or not, and to his surprise, he couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone.

BOWLING: My concern I guess is worst-case. If the best scientists in the world can’t agree that it’s safe, who is anybody else to say that it is?

MALAREK: So Milt mobilized the neighborhood and eventually got the school board on side. There would be no antenna on this school.




Aldergrove, BC



Apartment with Cellular Antennas, Owned by the Church

Maple Ridge, BC




Apartment with Cellular Antennas, Owned by the Church

Vancouver, BC


Eureka, California  (2019)

Eureka, California  (2012)


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