Here are some suggestions to aid recovery from electromagnetic sensitivity (EHS).  Not everyone is effected the same way, but these are the basic guidelines many people over the last 20 years have found effective to help the body recover.


1 – Move Away from the source of EMR / EMF  ( Electric Outlets, WIFI Routers, Cell Phones, Cell Towers, Smart Meters, Powerlines, Microwave Ovens )

If you are not sure where the RF / EMR sources are,  highly suggest using a basic Radio Frequency detector, which can vary from 170.00 to several hundred dollars.

There are various websites to choose from, but here are some popular ones  Safe Living in Toronto,  Less EMF in NewYork,  SSM California and Radiometers


2 – Shield the Bedroom so that you can recover / repair damaged cells


3 – Improve your Diet  – Understand the Calcium Levels*, Magnesium, Omega-3, Iodine, Kelp, Vitamin D and other vital nutrients 

4 – Reduce exposure from computers & monitors

5 – Detox ( also a good idea to remove Mercury Fillings )

6 – Get outdoors for Sunlight and exercise.  Exercise helps generate new blood cells to repair damaged cells.  Increase the activity after extreme RF exposures.

7 – Grounding –  bare feet on lawn/grass or a Hot Shower with Salt 

8 – Rest