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Many scientific studies strongly indicate that electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which includes the extremely low frequencies (ELF), the radio frequencies (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation, is hazardous to life and constitutes a significant threat to public health on a global scale. This conclusion is based on credible research, spanning decades of scientific inquiry.

“Our mission is to advocate for the health of the public and the natural world by: enhancing local, Provincial, National, and International efforts to reduce, mitigate, and wherever possible, eliminate hazardous exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).”

We also seek to be a resource network and advocate for the under-represented segment of the population suffering from Electromagnetic-Hypersensitivity (EHS), a condition acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the health regimes of various countries.


Ultimately, our goal is to reduce electromagnetic pollution in order to benefit the collective health of the human and natural world. This we hope to accomplishthrough public education:

• about the biological effects and environmental concerns associated with EMR;

• about the means by which local governments may protect their residents, as is their legal responsibility;

• about the public’s right to full disclosure of ambient EMR levels in their living/working environments;

• about means by which individuals and communities may remediate excessive EMR exposure


1) The EM Radiation Health Alliance supports the development of public exposure limits based on the potential effects of non-ionizing (non-thermal) electromagnetic radiation. We advocate for substantially reduced exposure values in line with the Precautionary Principle, and as recommended by the Bioinitiative Project report.

2) To promote the development of municipal bylaws and provincial/national laws to reduce or eliminate exposure to levels of EMR that are considered dangerous by scientists;

3) To survey and disseminate research on non-ionizing EMR for individuals and groups working to inform and protect themselves and their communities from EM Radiation exposure, in order to assist with public health advocacy and lobbying.

4) To develop a support system of information and networking for communities and EHS sufferers faced with unsafe wireless communication through a website, blog, newsletter or whatever means the board sees fit to distribute information;

5) To support individuals building an EMR-aware relationship with family doctors, providing education regarding health symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to EMR, including but not limited to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS);

6) To advocate for low EMR housing, work and school environments for those suffering EHS or related disabilities. This could include, but is not limited to, fostering awareness and standards for EMR safe workplaces.

DISCLAIMER: The goals and objectives are subject to periodic review by the elected directors of the Alliance as conditions require, but always in harmony with the primary mission stated in the Preamble.





• Citizens for Safe Technology – Lower Mainland www.citizensforsafetechnology.org

• SCORE ( Summerland Citizens Opposed to Radiofrequency Emissions )

• Safe in Schools – Lower Mainland  www.safeinschool.org

• Citizens for Safe Technology – Victoria

• CAUSE (Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions) – Victoria / Colwood www.causetm.ca

• Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology  –  www.gifst.ca

• Unite Against Microcell Transmitters  –  Facebook

• Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Humans  –  www.ceth.ca

• Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC –  www.stopsmartmetersbc.com

Initiative Petition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia


Member of the Wireless Radiation Safety Council

previously located at – www.WirelessRadiationSafety.ca – available now on EMRABC

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Jan 1, 2011.




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