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Health Effects of Wireless Technologies & Electromagnetic Fields • Nov 2010

Professor Olle Johansson, PhD   Sweden

Recently, a new category of persons, claiming to suffer from exposure to electromagnetic fields, has been described in the literature. In Sweden, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e., it is not regarded as a disease). Survey studies show that somewhere between 230,000-290,000 Swedish men and women report a variety of symptoms when being in contact with electromagnetic field (EMF) sources. The aim of our studies has been to investigate possible alterations, in the cellular and neuronal systems of these person’ skin. As controls, age- and sex-matched persons, without any subjective or clinical symptoms or dermatological history, served. Immunohistochemistry using antisera to the previously characterized marker substances of interest has been utilized. In summary, it is evident from our preliminary data that various alterations are present in the electrohypersensitive person’ skin. In view of recent epidemiological studies, pointing to a correlation between long-term exposure from power-frequent magnetic fields or microwaves and cancer, our data ought to be taken seriously and further analyzed.

Robert Becker MD

“When I first acquired some public notoriety as a researcher in the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, I began receiving a trickle of letters from persons who insisted that they were highly “allergic” to such fields. Some said they had even moved to remote rural areas that are free of most electromagnetic fields. I must admit that for the first few years I was highly sceptical of such claims and thought that the conditions must be purely psychological in origin. But during the past five or six years, the trickle of letters has turned into a flood that I can no longer ignore. Fortunately, other medical scientists have become interested in this specific condition and involved in establishing its diagnosis.”


Dr Neil Cherry, Associate Professor of Environmental Health

Lincoln University, New Zealand

7.2.4 Neurological effects of cell phone usage: The symptoms include dizziness, a feeling of discomfort, difficulty with concentration, Memory Loss, Fatigue, Headache, Burning Skin and tinglingness and tightness of the skin near the phone. The symptoms were consistent across analogue and digital (GSM) phone users. A dominant physical symptom was a sensation of warmth on the ear and behind the ear. These is not a sensation which is experienced with a conventional telephone but are unique to the cell phone which exposes the user’s head to moderate to high intensities of microwaves. It was significant that the neurological symptoms were highly correlated to the warm sensations. The symptoms are consistent with the Schwarzenburg symptoms.

Magda Havas, PHD   Trent University,  Canada

“Need worldwide ban on DECT phones,’

Symptoms of 356 people under long time home exposure to high frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields associated with DECT phones and/or mobile phone base stations were evaluated (Appendix A). At levels well below those in Figure 1, the following symptoms increased with increasing power density: sleep disturbance, fatigue, depression, headaches, restlessness, dazed state, irritability, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, learning difficulties, difficulty finding words, frequent infections, Frequent infections, sinusitis, lymph node swellings, joint and limb pains, nerve and soft tissue pains, numbness or tingling, allergies, tinnitus, hearing loss, sudden hearing loss,giddiness, impaired balance, visual disturbances, eye inflammation, dry eyes, tachycardia, episodic hypertension, collapse, hormonal disturbances, thyroid disease, night sweats, frequent urge to urinate, weight increase, nausea, loss of appetite, nose bleeds, skin complaints, tumours, and diabetes. Many of these are the symptoms now associated with electrohypersensitivity (EHS).” link

Roger Santini – Doctor of Science,
Member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society NextUp

English Translated – Precautionary Principle 2006

“The increasing appearance of these illnesses mark the beginning of the exuberance of radio waves in the environment “ Friburg Appeal

Professor Franz Adlkofer, Reflex Study

Essentially: Electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phones cause breaks in DNA and increase chromosomal aberrations in some energy conditions and duration of exposure


Dr. Martin Blank – Associate Professor in the Dept. of Physiology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY

Former President and Full Member of Bioelectromagnetics Society. Dr Blank’s research examines the various ways in which human-made electromagnetic fields used in many of our day to day appliances and telecommunications devices interrupt regular biological functioning. He is a co-author of the influential Bioinitiative report that has led to regulatory change for electromagnetic emissions in Europe, and is the issue editor for Pathophysiology’s current issue dedicated to the health and biological effects of electromagnetic emissions.


Dr. Anthony Miller, M.D., F.R.C.P. Professor Emeritus, Dalla Lana School of Public Health


Cindy Sage – Environmental Consultant


Dr. David O. Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at SUNY Albany


Dr. Roger Coghill, Emmanuel College, Cambridge UK


Dr. William Rea, Surgeon & Founder of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas presents Dr. Rea  (  July 2017 )


Jerry Flynn, Communications Electronics Engineer

Jerry has spent many years in the Canadian Military and has a very good understanding of the risks with wireless devices.  He speaks to audiences in BC about the risks from wireless phones, smart meters and wifi.  His letters are available for those interested, here on



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