Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries are in a number of Smart Meters and Smart Gas Meters.

These batteries are a concern due to the reaction when lithium thionyl chloride is involved in a smart meter fire.

SECTION 5 – Fire Fighting Procedures

Flash Point: N/A    Auto-lgnition Temp: N/A    Flammable Limits: N/A

Danger – Do not use water

Extinguisher Media: Lith-X powder, Class D fire extinguisher, Dry

Lithium Chloride, Graphite Powder, Pyrene G-1.

Special Fire Fighting Procedures:

Cover with Lith-X powder, Class D, fire extinguisher, dry lithium chloride, or graphite powder.

DO NOT USE WATER, moist sand, CO2, Class ABC, or soda ash extinguisher.

Wear protective breathing apparatus; a positive pressure Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), or Air Purifying Respirator (APR).  Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Do not short circuit, recharge, over discharge (discharge below 0.0 Volts), puncture, crush or expose to temperatures above 150oC. Cell may leak, vent, or explode. If a bright white flame is present, lithium content is exposed and on fire;  used a Class D fire extinguisher. Do not use water.


ITRON clearly stating that CENTRON C1S, C1SR and others have a Battery inside on Measurement Canada / Industry Canada :

“Meters intended for time-of-use metering shall be fitted with a lithium battery. Demand is not approved for time- of-use.”



OpenWay® CENTRON® Polyphase Meter

Technical Reference Guide

page 31

“Battery – The OpenWay CENTRON polyphase meter contains a battery that powers the clock circuit during a power outage. The battery is permanently soldered to the module and is expected to last the life of the meter.”

“TOU/Load Profile Functionality –  All OpenWay meters have a permanently installed battery from the factory. The battery allows the timekeeping circuitry in the meter to maintain the meter’s clock during an outage. Load Profile data is periodically committed to flash as described in the Load Profile section. If a battery goes dead on a TOU/Load Profile meter during an outage, then the meter’s clock will be off by the duration of the outage and the TOU data and some Load Profile data will be lost. Upon the return of proper AC power, the register undergoes a procedure similar to the initial power-up. The meter performs self-diagnostic checks, data is retrieved from non-volatile memory, and normal operation is resumed. The number of minutes of power outage maintained while the meter was in carry-over operation is added to the Time on Battery register.”


page 64

“Power Outage

• During power outages the OpenWay CENTRON meter maintains all meter data as well as timekeeping functions (powered by the internal battery).”


page 106

“The OpenWay CENTRON battery is permanently soldered to the meter register board. Attempting to remove it will cause Fatal Error 7 and the meter will have to be sent back to the factory.”


Facts about Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)


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