Safecast is a brand of geiger counter developed by a citizens group in Japan.  After several version they have a successful portable geiger that sends wireless data to the internet.  No mater what brand of geiger counter you have, you can post data to their excellent website.  Some postings are mobile, some mounted live feeds.

Safecast Tile Map

Safecast RealTime Map*

Safecast Realtime*    

uSv/h cpm CURRENT Reading PAST Reading  cpm  uSv/h
Vancouver, BC 0.120 uSv/h Sept 7 2017
Seatle, WA 0.093 uSv/h 31 cpm Sept 7 2017 7 months ago 47 cpm 141 uSv/h
Oregon 0.156 uSv/h 52 cpm Sept 6 2017
California 0.135 uSv/h 47 cpm Sept 7 2017  Two months ago 59 cpm 0.177 uSv/h
Hawaii 0.096 uSv/h 32 cpm Sept 7 2017 2 Years ago 232 cpm 0.695 uSv/h
Japan 0.349 uSv/h 42 cpm Sept 7 2017 Year ago 329 cpm  2.730 uSv/h




“bGeigie” by Safecast


Most geiger counter meters can send data to computers, but SAFE CAST recently posted a meter that they have been working on for several years called the bGeigie Raku  that can send GPS data and can be mounted on cars for mobile readings.  It has been used for testing in Vancouver (see below).  Older Safecast Nano versions are available, but the official Raku version is on Kickstart


Their stationary meters can give live readings via cellphones  and their new mobile version can record the data to a card, then you can upload it to their database

Current readings from various locations


More about SafeCast