Turning Off WIFI  –  PC / Windows Computer

1 – Search for “DEVICE MANAGER”

2 – Look for “WIFI ADAPTOR” or similar and select that to view the settings

3 – Look for “Disable Device“, select Disable, then press OK



Turning Off WIFI  –  ROUTER  

1 – Read the ID Number on the back of your Router

2 – Type the ID Number into the URL Bar on your WEB Browser  i.e.

3 – User Name and Password  ( If factory settings, often “Admin” and no password )

4 – A menu should appear with the information from the Router Manufacturer

5 – Select “Disable WIFI” or “Turn Off WIFI”


Turning Off WIFI – APPLE Computers

1 – Apple Menu ( Top Left ) and choose “System Preferences”

2 – Select “NETWORK”

3 – Check to see if WIFI is OFF, if it is On,  Select “Turn WIFI OFF”



Turning Off BLUETOOTH – APPLE Computers

1 – Apple Menu ( Top Left ) and choose System Preferences

2 – Select “NETWORK”  OR  BlueTooth

3 – Check to see if BlueTooth is OFF,  if it is On,  Select OFF



Turning Off WIFI – APPLE iPAD

1 – Home -> SETTINGS

2 – Select “GENERAL” settings

3 –  Choose “Network” preferences on the right, and then select “Wi-Fi“. (Note that you can also access this same screen by tapping on “Wi-Fi” at the very top of the left column, how you get to that screen makes no difference.)

4 – The first option displayed is labeled “Wi-Fi“, and includes an On/Off switch. The text on the switch indicates the current wireless state, not the one you’ll end up with by pushing the switch. In other words, if the switch is blue and reads “On“, it means that WiFi is currently running. In that case, tap on the switch, and you have turned Off WiFi on your iPad.


Video available showing step by step


Turning Off WIFI – XBOX 360

There are two models of the 360, the earlier one can have the Antenna disconnected, and wired controllers will still function.


Turn off WIFI and Bluetooth in Cars