Residents have concerns over the Television / Internet package that Telus and Shaw offer to Canadians.    We will review the Telus Optik.  At first the high speed and massive savings is the first things people think about while Telus sells the idea of switching over, but few ask “What equipment does it use?”

Several people have discovered the hard way, it involves Wireless Routers, and for individuals who are sensitive to microwave radiation, it can effect their health.  Telus states that they can install the Optik system with only wired components, but people have discovered thats not always the case.  These routers are constantly emitting radio frequency radiation, and the only way to turn this off was to unplug the system.  Telus needs to find a way to install this system having everything fully wired, otherwise they may be loosing customers to other services that can install a similar system without the health risks.

Optik Diagram52