Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) Exposure Data . . .

1953 to 1978: Soviet RF-EMR That Was Beamed at US Diplomats living/working in US Embassy in Moscow — Metered at 50,000 μW/m² — Linked to Deaths and Illnesses

2017: 21 U.S. Diplomats & Families in Cuba Evacuated After Microwave Weapon Attack and Illnesses and Brain Trauma

2017: RF-EMR Exposures from So-Called “Small Cells” — Metered at 1,000,000 μW/m² — in Palo Alto, CA

2009 to 2018: RF-EMR Exposures — Metered at 3,626,000 μW/m² in Sebastopol, CA — Linked to Deaths and Illnesses

1953-1978: US Embassy in Moscow

The Still Unsolved Mystery of the Eugene Signal

The health hazards described in the video, above, are common symptoms of Microwave Radiation Sickness — an environmentally-induced illness that is treated by the removal of RF-EMR exposures in living and working spaces — a similar remedy that the US adopted to eliminate second-hand cigarette smoke from offices, schools, planes, trains and restaurants.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) has been a recognized disabling characteristic by the Federal Access Board, since 2002.

EMS Americans have Federal ADA rights that prevents any firm or branch of government from constructing an access barrier to EMS Amercians’ homes and communities.

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) — of any size — cannot be installed in residential areas because WTFs would create access barriers for EMS Americans who have inalienable rights to both privacy and safety.


1953 to 1978: Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) Exposure at US Embassy in Moscow


Ambassador Bohlen Died of Cancer in 1974

Ambassador Thompson Died of Cancer in 1972

Ambassador Stoessel Died of Cancer in 1986



Moscow Embassy from Documentary : Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the ‘Wireless Revolution’ (2000)

10 minutes to 14 minutes 


Embassy in China

September 2018


26 people effected in Cuba Embassy

November 2018

August 2017


Oct 12 2017

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