Canadians For Safe Technology is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based coalition of parents, citizens and experts whose mission is to educate and inform Canadians and their policy makers about the dangers of the exposures to unsafe levels of radiation from technology and to work with all levels of government to create healthier communities for children and families from coast to coast.


C4ST has the following goals:

1. It is critical that all levels of Government

  1. Acknowledge that current assumptions about the safety of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are outdated and must be revised.
  2. Offer protection and choice for electrosensitive individuals and children who are exposed to EMR in their homes and schools.

2. Health Canada must overhaul its process for updating Safety Code 6.

  1. Implement the recommendations of the House of Commons, Standing Committee on Health 2010 Report.
  2. Provide full disclosure for all information regarding all studies and documents reviewed, included and excluded; funding of all participants.
  3. Update all analysis/guidelines to keep pace with the rapid acceleration of technology.

3. Industry Canada must update CPC-2-0-03 Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems.

  1. Eliminate exemption guidelines and notify residents of all new cell towers or antennae planned in their community. 
  2. Consultation must include all issues of concern to the public 
  3. Some real authority needs to rest with local land use authorities

As technology advances and becomes a bigger part of our lives, Canadians’ exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from sources like cell phones, wi-fi, cordless phones and cell towers is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, there is no proof that EMR emissions are safe. More and more studies are emerging that suggest non-ionizing radiation is actually biologically harmful and that chronic long-term exposure can lead to cumulative damage. In addition, studies in Israel and Brazil have linked long term exposure to cell towers with an increase in cancer.



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