Measurement from video produced by Global News 16:9 ” WIFI making Kids Sick”,  

Microwave radiation readings are taken inside the class room.

However some students have sat directly under or very close to School WIFI Routers and not known about it, and became EHS.

CLASSROOM, farther from WIFI Router,

2.435 GHz   at  1.138 uW  ( 0.113 mW/m2 )


“We go into the hall, where its 20 times the levels in the class room”

HALL WAY, directly under WIFI Router,

2.461 GHz   at  2.603 mW ( 2603 uW/m2 )  20X as much!




Dr. Magda Havas: WiFi in Schools is Safe. True or False? (2011)

Includes a Review on the RF Measurements at the Ontario School featured in the Global 16:9 Story (18:13)

Calais School measuring  5 WIFI Routers (2011)





Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2017

This dosimetry chart above characterizes the wireless radiation exposure to children in a middle school.



Doctors Warn Against WiFi in Schools

31.01.2016  by Camilla Category Electromagnetic Health Blog

According to court documents, a lawsuit accusing the prestigious Fay School in Southborough, MA of failing to accommodate a student’s alleged Wi-Fi sensitivity is headed to trial in August.

The family of “G,” a 12-year-old who attended the junior boarding school, says the boy suffers from a condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, which makes him feel ill when exposed to wireless Internet signals. The complaint filed in August claims that the Fay School ignored their pleas to find accommodations for G, who was experiencing dizziness, headaches and other symptoms in class. G’s lawsuit cites medical experts who attested to the validity of the boy’s electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms. Letters to the school from these experts can be read at these links:

This is an example of how symptoms from high powered WiFi routers in schools can vary both within a classroom and from classroom to classroom. The new school WiFi technology can also be directional in nature so children in the same classroom may even face different exposures depending on where ones desk is in the room.

Keep up on news on this subject at Campaign for Radiation Free Schools (Facebook).


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