The popular game systems such as Wii, XBOX and Playstation now have WIFI capabilities.

Many are asking if the WIFI can be turned off so that there is absolutely no WIFI emitted.


With the XBOX game system we found that it was equipped with WIFI which is now built-in.  However the question is – can it be turned off?  From experience of several customers that did want to turn it off, the conclusion was : NO it can not be turned off.    When the Unit is plugged in to the power plug, the internal WIFI router begins to emit microwave radiation – even when the game is not in use.  When you go to turn the Settings for WIFI to “Off”, the XBOX still emits WIFI microwave radiation at 2.4 ghz.  Even after you power the unit down, the WIFI still emits the signal.

One has to ask why would its manufacturer decide to leave the WIFI turned on at all times, even when the game console is turned off and not in use?   Several users actually called the customer service and asked them.  Trouble shooting department was convinced that plugging in a Ethernet cable would disengage the WIFI, which it did not do – since the RF meters continued to read 130 mw/m2.

Other new game systems use WIFI within the controllers, such as the Sony PS3, where they emit a strong spike of microwave radiation when the controllers are used. Retailers indicated that the Older PS2 are the only solution to avoiding WIFI on a Playstation console.

Since the contollers for the Nitendo Wii game unit use WIFI at all times, it is another game system that is of concern. This system has two modes,  one leaves the WIFI on in Stand-by mode (Yellow button), and the other claims to turn it off (hold down for Red Button)


Considering that Children and Adults are being exposed to microwave radiation from Phones, Towers, WIFI at school, WIFI at work — and now WIFI at home from Wireless Game Systems, ( which most are not aware of and do not even have the option to turn it off even if they want to ) will not be turned off unless you Unplug the unit entirely.  Keeping in mind some children are using these games in their bedrooms and the game system is exposing them to microwave radiation at HIGHER LEVELS THEN A CELL PHONE while they sleep, and even higher then some WIFI routers – as much as 209 microwatts per square meter ( 209 mw/m2 )

To our surprise we found that game systems use the WIFI G Type Routers, which go a great distance, and picked up other Game networks in the neighbourhood.  This indicates how many homes near you are using strong WIFI game systems that “you can connect with”.  Fine and dandy for enthusiastic game players that dont want the wired controllers or want to link up to their WIFI routers, however very unhealthy for the general public. In a recent WIFI network scan there were homes upto a block away that were picked up . So imagine what a Child with one of these system in their bedroom is being exposed to when the game system is just feet away.

One home that contacted us explained how their children changed in just one month.  Their school grades dropped from an A grade down to a C.  The child sleeping close to the game system in their bedroom had a sudden mood change and problems sleeping.

Several EHS families went the extra step to have their game system altered so that the WIFI was physically disconnected, which allowed the family to continue to use the game system without the effects they had experienced prior to the alterations.

Customers need to begin to request “Turn Off Switches” for this type of wireless technology or the health ramifications could be devastating in the coming years.

Article by EMRABC 2010,  Image and video measurement by Matt Landman



Children suffer rise in sleep problems because of ‘Xbox consoles and Apple iPhones’

CHILDREN are suffering a rise in sleeping problems caused by playing video games and texting before bedtime, a study has claimed today.

By: Dion Dassanayake

Published: Fri, December 27, 2013

Xbox and Playstation consoles along with Apple iPhones have sparked the sharp rise, according to doctors at Alder Hey children’s hospital in Liverpool.

Experts say traditional remedies like having a bath before bedtime or being read a story in bed can cure the sleeping problems.

But they also said that long working hours among parents mean that often does not happen.

Dr Richard Appleton, consultant paediatric neurologist at the hospital, said: “There are sleep problems where families put their children to bed at appropriate times but they are playing the Playstation or Xbox and are hyped-up, or they’ve had a fizzy drink so they are caffeinated.”

In the study children were given sleep diaries to look at what habits they got into before bedtime.

There are sleep problems where families put their children to bed at appropriate times but they are playing the Playstation or Xbox and are hyped-up

Dr Richard Appleton

It found that once children phased out bad sleeping habits, such as playing games before bed time, they were able to fall asleep more quickly.

Dr Appleton said that good parenting can stop children getting into bad “sleep hygiene”.

He added: “When I was a child I used to go under the sheets with a torch to read my books but now we have TV, Xboxes, Playstations and mobile phones that children are playing online with their friends.

“When parents come in from work, they’re both shattered with no time to read the child a story before bed.

“It sounds old-fashioned but it’s part of the problem. A high proportion of the population do not have proper sleep habits before going to bed.”