As more people are learning about Small Cells / eNodeB antennas,  People want to know what they can do.

Here are some of the things we would suggest trying :

1 – Contact local Representatives who are attending UBCM

and see what they know about SmallCells and 5G.

If it is a new topic for them, Share information about risks with 4G at close range and 5G millimetre wave antennas.

Telus Microcell / Smallcell / eNodeB_Flyer.pdf


5G and The IOT.pdf

5G technology_Should be Banned.pdf


2 – Show your local MLA, MP, Neighbourhood, Family and Friends the levels recorded here in BC.

3 – Talk to the local Newspapers about it!  Comment on Articles about the issue.

4 –  Share Flyers, Posters, Petitions, Letters , Scientific Studies, Many people want to know!

5 – You are welcome to Sign the Petition

6 – Attend of Local 5G Protest, or check some out online!

7 – Hold a Town Hall Meeting

Create Local Discussion, Invite the Mayor and City Council, MLA, Members of Parliament, Health Department, etc



Napa Valley Meeting on Small Cell Antennas

Aug 29, 2018

for more information


My Street My Choice



Interview with Paul McGavin ( Scientists for Wired Technology ), Lena Pu and Julie Levine ( OCCUPY LA  &  No Smart Meter Coalition )

“The Robust Opposition” on SB 649, a horrible bill sailing through the California legislature that will allow ATT, Verizon, Comcast, etc. to forgo putting in fiber optic cable, for which we have already paid, to our homes and instead build small cell wireless (5G) towers that will not only be unsightly but will also harm our health. And you can be sure the telcoms have rewarded these legislators who are voting for this with huge campaign contributions.


 Scientists for Wired Technology








Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G