Utility Interval Data

The Urjanet platform automatically aggregates the utility data you need from our growing network of more than 5,000 utility providers. Just connect your online utility credentials to the Urjanet Utility Data Platform and utility bill data and interval data is automatically collected by our cloud-based, intelligent technology and made available on-demand or through a scheduled data delivery.

Urjanet’s intelligent, automated platform retrieves, normalizes, and delivers all data points from your utility bills so you can focus on what you do best: analyzing Energy use and identifying savings potential.

Urjanet – For Effecient Aggregation and Standardization of Utility Data

Actionable utility data is witnessing growing demands due to fluctuating energy costs, customer expectations for accurate and easier access to consumption data, environment concerns and changing government regulations. However, the utility landscape has proven to be very complex, with billions of utility meters, thousands of utility providers,and dozens of data formats in existence that makes data extraction, analysis and further action very complex and expensive. Hailing from Atlanta, USA with its Indian subsidiary in Chennai, Urjanet is a utility “Data as a Service” company whose sole focus lies in the aggregation, standardization, and delivery of utility data. Urjanet’s technology platform connects directly to the utilities that provide electricity, natural gas, water and waste collection services. The cloud-based platform collects data across sources, automatically aggregates and translates the data, audits it for quality, and delivers it in an easy-to-use industry standard format to be consumed across the enterprise for reporting and analytics. With the right information powering energy management and sustainability applications, energy consumers can better understand their load, curb peak demand, and put policies in place to encourage occupants to consume less energy. Reliable and timely access to utility data is also the key to eliminating costly and unfortunate events like late fees, shut-offs, and utility charge errors. Urjanet’s technology is specifically designed to ease the burden of collecting bill data from disparate utilities by automating the entire collection, normalization, quality assurance, and delivery process.

Automated Utility Bill Data via a Sustainability Software Platform

Through extending its partnerships with software platforms like Lucid BuildingOS, Goby, and Jade-Track, Urjanet is providing customer utility bill data for import into 3rd party energy management,sustainability and ESG reporting platforms. According to Goby CEO Chris Happ,“It’s through a cost-effective and scalable solution like Urjanet that we can provide actionable information to our customers.” Leveraging Urjanet’s extensive utility data network,JadeTrack further uses the data providedby Urjanet to improve the platform’s performance and generate unique insights at the intersection of real-time and historical utility data. “We enable powerful new insights for JadeTrack’s clients while removing barriers to accessing utility bill data” asserts Sanjoy Malik, CEO, Urjanet. Automated data integrations make products and services like these more competitive and valuable to their users, regardless of whether they are energy management tools, building management platforms, or sustainability software.

After having approximately 50-100 new utilities added to the network each month and building integrations to nearly 4,000 utilities worldwide, Urjanet has recently announced a USD 20 million round of Series C funding from Oak HC/FT. The funding intends to enable Urjanet to expand its global network of utility providers as well as launch new data applications in the financial services industry that will focus on alternative credit scoring and identity verification. With such advancements, Urjanet
is better-positioned to equip companies with the data sought to manage billing and payments, energy consumption and utility costs thereby achieving sustainability goals.






A company (Urjanet) is gathering and selling data obtained via smeters to various corporations, including financial institutions which are using it to determine credit scores. This is yet more evidence that smart meters are gathering data not needed for billing and, without our permission or awareness, it can be sold.

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Surveillance Capitalism Includes Utility “Smart” Meters. Utility Companies Collect Customer Usage Data 24/7. Are Yours Selling It to 3rd Parties?

“Recently, Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff published a new book called The Age of Surveillance Capitalism which reveals how businesses not only offer services to customers – they collect personal data on them in order to sell it to 3rd parties.  Much of this is done without customer knowledge or consent…

Urjanet’s technology is used to track cost and usage information from 4,000 utilities in 30 countries.”