Dr. Kunhn Study of Bee Hives with 1900 MHz DECT Phones 



Birds & Bees

The disappearance of Bees is largely blamed on Pesticides. However there is definitely another cause – non thermal electro magnetic radiation.  Mobile phones, Wi-fi, and SmartMeters are all contributors to EMF’s. North American Health Organizations and Governments should look into industry financed programs and change them before health is affected – both for Bees and Human Beings.

25,000 Dead Bees in Target Store Parking Lot by Tim Wall – June 21, 2013:

Forget the honey: B.C. bees to pollinate blueberries by Jeff Lee – The Vancouver Sun – March 07, 2012: Beekeepers in B.C. have brought in more than 3,000 packages of bees from New Zealand to bolster local bees to supply blueberries. 

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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Clashes with Honey Bees  Sainudeen Sahib.S,  Associate Professor, PG & Research Dept. Of Zoology, S.N.College, Kollam, Kerala  

Review on Bees and EMF from Belgium published on March 28, 2017 
Research clearly shows that Bees and Butterflies are sensitive to electromagnetic fields
BEES, BIRDS AND MANKIND Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ 
Detection and Learning of Floral Electric Fields by Bumblebees 
Mechanosensory hairs in bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) detect weak electric fields 
Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping 
Barry Trower’s Paper on Bees and Microwaves

Elmwood, Ontario – 600 Hives of Bees found Dead

Could this be radiation form Cell Towers?






‘Electrosmog’ disrupts orientation in migratory birds, scientists show

Date:  May 8, 2014   Source: University of Oldenburg

Summary: For the first time, scientists have demonstrated that the magnetic compass of robins fails entirely when the birds are exposed to AM radio waveband electromagnetic interference — even if the signals are just a thousandth of the limit value defined by the World Health Organization as harmless.

For the first time, a research team led by Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen, a biologist and Lichtenberg Professor at the University of Oldenburg, has been able to prove that the magnetic compass of robins fails entirely when the birds are exposed to AM radio waveband electromagnetic interference.

Below a certain threshold value, ‘electrosmog’ — human-made electromagnetic noise — has no impact on biological processes or even human health. That was the state of scientific knowledge up to now. But for the first time, a research team led by Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen, a biologist and Lichtenberg Professor at the University of Oldenburg, has been able to prove that the magnetic compass of robins fails entirely when the birds are exposed to AM radio waveband electromagnetic interference — even if the signals are just a thousandth of the limit value defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as harmless.

The findings based on seven years of research by nine Oldenburg scientists, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter J. Hore of Oxford University, are now available in a paper entitled “Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory bird,” published in the latest issue of the journal NatureNature underlines the importance of this study by making it the cover story of its May 15th issue.

“In our experiments we were able to document a clear and reproducible effect of human-made electromagnetic fields on a vertebrate. This interference does not stem from power lines or mobile phone networks,” Mouritsen stresses, explaining that electromagnetic interference within the two kilohertz to five megahertz frequency range is mainly generated by electronic devices. “The effects of these weak electromagnetic fields are remarkable: they disrupt the functioning of an entire sensory system in a healthy higher vertebrate.”

It all started with a stroke of luck. For around 50 years it has been known that migratory birds use Earth’s magnetic field to determine their migratory direction. Biologists have proven this in numerous experiments in which they tested the birds’ navigation abilities in so-called orientation cages. “So we were surprised when robins kept in wooden huts on the Oldenburg University campus were unable to use their magnetic compass,” Mouritsen recounts. Dr. Nils-Lasse Schneider, an electrophysiologist and researcher in Mouritsen’s work group, then came up with the idea that set things in motion: he proposed covering the wooden huts, along with the orientation cages they contained, with sheets of aluminium.

This did not affect Earth’s magnetic field, which is vital for the birds to navigate, but it strongly attenuated the time-dependent electromagnetic interference — the electrosmog — inside the huts. The effect was astounding: suddenly the birds’ orientation problems disappeared. “Our measurements of the interferences indicated that we had accidentally discovered a biological system that is sensitive to anthropogenic electromagnetic noise generated by humans in the frequency range up to five megahertz,” Mouritsen says. The surprising thing here, the biologist adds, was that the intensity of the interference was far below the limits defined by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and the WHO.

Considering the potential importance of the finding, Mouritsen and his team performed a large number of experiments to provide evidence of the effect they observed: “Over the course of seven years we carried out numerous experiments and collected reliable evidence, in order to be absolutely certain that the effect actually exists.” Under the leadership of Svenja Engels, Mourtisen’s doctorate students conducted numerous so-called double-blind studies. Several generations of students repeated the experiments independently of one another on the Oldenburg campus. What they found was that as soon the grounding of the screens was disconnected or electromagnetic broadband interference was deliberately created inside the aluminium-clad and earthed wooden huts, the birds’ magnetic orientation ability was immediately lost again.

Furthermore, the scientists were able to show that the disruptive effects were generated by electromagnetic fields that cover a much broader frequency range at a much lower intensity than previous studies had suggested. This electromagnetic broadband interference is omnipresent in urban environments. It is created wherever people use electronic devices. As expected, it is significantly weaker in rural areas. And indeed, unlike on the University campus, the magnetic compass of the robin did function in orientation cages placed one to two kilometres outside city limits, even without any screening. “Thus, the effect of anthropogenic electromagnetic noise on bird migration is localised. However these findings should make us think — both about the survival of migratory birds as well as about the potential effects for human beings, which have yet to be investigated,” Mouritsen concludes.

Story Source:

Materials provided by University of OldenburgNote: Content may be edited for style and length.

Journal Reference:

  1. Svenja Engels, Nils-Lasse Schneider, Nele Lefeldt, Christine Maira Hein, Manuela Zapka, Andreas Michalik, Dana Elbers, Achim Kittel, P. J. Hore, Henrik Mouritsen. Anthropogenic electromagnetic noise disrupts magnetic compass orientation in a migratory birdNature, 2014; DOI: 10.1038/nature13290

Wayward Bullock’s oriole to fly home to B.C. on Air Canada flight

The Canadian Press    Published Tuesday, August 15, 2017 7:05 AM PDT

OTTAWA – A Bullock’s oriole that landed in eastern Ontario in 2015 will finally be flying home to British Columbia – by plane.

The little western bird drew national attention when she arrived in Packenham, Ont., in December 2015 – likely after being blown off her migration course.

Birdlovers flocked to the area to witness the rare sighting, but Ray Holland found it half dead under a tree and brought it to the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre in January 2016.

The female bird was diagnosed with dehydration, weakness and hypothermia and had lost a toenail to frostbite.

A few months later, after the bird had fully recovered, efforts began to get it home, but because the bird began to molt, its return had to be postponed.

The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre says the oriole’s long-awaited journey home on an Air Canada flight is set to begin on Wednesday morning at the Ottawa Airport.

Bullock’s orioles are found in the southernmost part of B.C. and Alberta, but their main range is in the U.S.

The bird care centre says export and import permits and federal laws would have made flying it to the U.S. extraordinarily difficult.

The centre say it worked with the BC Wildlife Rescue Association to secure permits and permission, along with Air Canada, which secured a federal transport exemption.

It says there were even some offers from people willing to buy a ticket just to escort the bird.

Air Canada employee Dave Starke will accompany the oriole to Vancouver and the airline has secured her a spot in the passenger cabin.

BC Wildlife Rescue Association will give the oriole time to adapt in an outdoor flight cage where it will build muscle and acclimatize to outdoor temperatures again.

It’s hoped the bird will be released after a week or so, at which point it will fly itself to the southern U.S. or northern Mexico, its native wintering grounds.


Birds exposed to Microwave Radiation


Here is a picture from a must read book called

“Cellular Radiation, Is This our Next Titanic?” by Dr. David R. James & Ora James Murphy.

Ph: 1-877-300-4880 Ext 102. Look at the picture and think of your children or wives as well as all life. After mutation, what happens when a species can’t reproduce anymore?


Ants exposed to Microwave Radiation

A popular video posted on youtube made it seem as if Ants rapidly circle a cell phone due to microwave exposure.  However Ants would flee from the phone if they could.  This scientist shows that microwave radiation actually reduces activity of the ant, effecting its navigation, co-oridination and likely brain activity, the same as EHS in humans.



EMF from Cellular Towers

Translated :

” More and more scientific studies, everyday observations and experience medicine provide clear indications and evidence that low-frequency pulsed high-frequency rays coming here in Europe for mobile phones used, favoring numerous health problems and trigger! 

Nevertheless: Ruthlessly expand the mobile operator network radiance. For cost reasons, more and more new towers will be built right next to or on homes, clinics, nursing homes, schools and kindergartens. When looking at the money, the interest in the health care of the population disappears – apparently even with responsible (irresponsible?) Politicians …

Only the cattle …  Miscarriages, birth defects and behavioral disorders in cattle on farms in the Near transmission facilities are clearly increasing! “


Dog runs away from Cell Phones

41:45 into the Radio Program, Caller states that their Border Collie Dog “goes bonkers when around a Cell Phone, and has to get outside and won’t come inside.”  APRIL 19, 2016  CFAX 1070 radio BC CANADA

51:30 into the Radio Program, Guest Sharon Noble, “Ive had some people tell me that their Dogs react in the middle of night, around 3am when the cell towers near by are downloading their data, the dogs get restless and move into another room or often go downstairs to try and get away from the radiation


Dogs Reaction to Smart Meters

Posted on Sept 1, 2011   by Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M., M.S. – The Kindred Spirits Project for the benefit of all beings


East County Woman and Pet Sick, Begging for Help

Posted on August 30, 2011


Dogs Effected by RFID


Are Dogs effected Also?  

Oct 23, 2015

“A few weeks ago I wondered if I was not the only one showing signs of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  At first it was Ashling, and then Comet…

One evening as I was sitting and reading, Ashling, an Australian Shepherd, fell asleep near my feet, as she often does.  In the past I have witnessed her dreaming, as though she was running and barking, with soft movements of her feet and muffled little barks.  But it was different this time.  The movements of her legs and feet were more frantic and jerky, and the sounds she made seemed more frantic as well.

Over the next few days, I witnessed this happening again, and it occurred to me that either she was being affected by the radiation pulsing from the AMR ERT (automatic read encoder receiver transmitter) gas meters that SEMCO Energy had installed, or she was being sympathetic to my symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and reacting to me.”



Deformed Cows ( Germany 1996 – 1997 )

See Complete Report at the End of this page


Cows effected in Usa and Canada

USA Safe (

Ottawa Valley Farm installs protection (video)

Bees, Bat-rays and Butterflies :

Alasdair Philips   21 Nov 1998 Our cheap transistor radios can pick up and separate out hundreds of radio signals at levels of a few hundreds of microvolts/metre. More sophisticated communications receivers can work down to levels of about 10 microvolts/metre. Radio-astronomers work on informational signals from stars at less than 1 microvolt/metre – this is a power level of about  0.000 000 000 001 microwatt/cm2 (1 attowatt/cm2 !!). We can now detect and create pictures from signals from spacecraft at our outer planets using transmit powers similar to those use by mobile phones of a few watts! Honeybees have been shown to be sensitive to magnetic flux differences of 1 nanotesla (10 microGauss) [4][Theoretically humans could also be sensitive down to less than this level (pineal thermal noise c. 0.24 nanotesla – Smith, 1985). Various sea creatures can detect voltage gradients of a few 10’s of microvolts/metre. Biological stochastic resonance from regular pulsing EMFs can effectively amplify coherent signals (like power EMFs) by vast amounts. What arrogant nonsense to suggest that living systems need to be “cooked” before they realize they are being bombarded by signals and that microwaves of 100 volts/metre are harmless to us. On your butterfly question…many years ago (c.1969) I went to a Friday evening London ‘Royal Institution’ lecture by Professor Eric Laithwhaite of Imperial College London – the guy who developed the principle of the linear electric motor which is now widely used – whose hobby was/is butterflies and moths. At the time everyone was talking about pheromones, and undoubtedly these are used in the mating attraction process, however…he discovered that if the female (I think) was enclosed in a sealed plastic box the mates still appeared from long distances away, but if she was enclosed in a (electromagnetically screened) Faraday cage full of air holes only butterflies who were very close were still attracted.  He repeated these experiments on many occasions and came to the conclusion that the patterns on the butterflies wings were actually tuned circuits in the very high microwave region (far-far-infra red) and each variety had its own unique RF/microwave signature enabling mates of the same variety to home in using their antennae and own wing resonators as tuning selectors. The main energy probably came from the sunlight possibly modulated by wing flapping. Our mainstream, crude, gross, simplification of life into simple electro-chemical building blocks completely misses the mysteries of what “life” is and how sensitive it can be if we open ourselves up to the amazing, wonderful, cosmic universe in which we live. I do not know how we will achieve the paradigm shift in thinking needed but I sense that it is slowly starting to happen. I hope so, anyway. Matthew Fox (USA) and his Creation Spirituality movement is part of the change, along with the deep ecology movement.  … and I am meant to be a down-to-earth nuts-and-bolts engineer! Hang on in there folks!


References: 1. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., “Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields” Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974, Chapter XI, Heppner, F.H., & Haffner, J.D., “Communication in Bird Flocks: An Electromagnetic Model”, pgs. 147-162. 2. Tanner, J.A., Romero-Sierra, C. and Davie, S.J.: 
Non-Thermal Effects of Microwave Radiation On Birds.” Nature, 216:1139, 1967. 3. Llaurado, J. & Sances, A., et al., “Biologic & Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic & Electric Fields” Springfield, IL, Chas. C. Thomas Pub. Co.,1974. Chapter IX, Bigu del Blanco, J. & Romero-Sierra, C., “Microwave Radiometric Techniques: A Means to Explore the Possibility of Communication in Biological Systems”, pgs. 123-136. 4. Keeton, British Birds, 72, 451-70] 5. Bastian, J., “Electrosensory Organisms.” Physics Today, pgs 30-37, Feb 1994.   FCC eyes cell tower impact on birds Thu, May. 01, 2003  The FCC will study and police how the growing number of cell phone and  broadcast towers affects migratory birds, millions of which are killed each year when they run into the towers.


Cell Towers by Robin Tuck Cell towers are springing up all over Utah County. Most of the new ones I see are fairly short, under 80 feet but I am seeing them everywhere. Several weeks ago, I read an article in the Atlanta Constitution about migrating birds hitting cell towers in the night and being killed, which caused me a lot of concern because of all the new towers popping up allover. After a little research, I have found the problem to be real but that the extent of the problem is unknown. Here in Utah, the super tall towers haven’t been built because we have plenty of high hills and real mountains to put them on, so most of our towers are in the 100 foot range with very few exceeding 200 feet in height. The towers put on mountains average a little shorter because they already have the advantage of height. To find out more, I phoned a local cell tower construction and maintenance company and spoke to “Dave.” Dave is an engineer for the company and had a lot of experience, but told me he had never seen a dead bird near a tower. Apparently, the tower owners send the engineers to the tower sites periodically to examine them and report back their status. Dead birds are not mentioned in the questionnaire. OK, so we are in good shape. Well, maybe not. As I continued to research the issue, I found that much is not known about small bird migration and that short towers on high places may have the same affect as a tall tower and the effect of tall towers is very bad. I found examples of bird kills where over 10,000 birds were killed in a single night at a 1050 foot tower. Apparently, tower lights can create a halo of light in fog or snow storms that can confuse flocks causing them to collide with the tower, each other or the ground. Experts believe as many as 4 million birds are killed annually striking towers or guy wires but they also say that observers have to get to the tower sites early in the morning because, unless the kill is very large, predators carry off and consume the victims. So visiting towers may not provide an accurate indication of bird kills. Just to see if I could find any hints of bird kills, I visited a number of cell towers in my vicinity and found nothing, not a hint. The towers ranged from 40 feet to 120 feet, but all I found were locked chain link enclosures. None of the towers had a clear open area surrounding them to find dead birds in, so I searched where I could, finding nothing. Next I drove past a local(closed) radio station that had 500 foot towers out in a big empty field, protected by ‘No Trespassing’ signs. I didn’t find a thing. Unfortunately, I don’t think I learned a thing. To find out if Utah has a tower strike problem, I am going to have to get permission to visit sites and get closer to the towers or find current studies where others have been able to get closer. Perhaps now is the time to prepare. Other observers report 20% of their kills happen during the spring migration and 65% during the fall migration, accounting the difference to the inexperience of the migrating immature birds. For more information, see Other information can be found by searching for “migrating bird tower kills” on the Internet.



——Mice / Rats – Swedish Study
——— See Photos above——Mice / Rats – Dr. Adey
——— Researcher for MOTOROLA——Mice / Rats – Dr. Lia
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Chicken EGGS – Dr.Litovitz




  Lab Studies

Dead & Deformed Animals ( Italy )







deformed Chickens (Italy)
deformed Rabbit (Italy)
deformed Goat (Italy)




Same city in Italy as the 2008 video above.   These recent measurements in 2016



EMF PORTAL – Studies on Animals




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Please read articles below

FCC eyes cell tower impact on birds

Thu, May. 01, 2003

The FCC will study and police how the growing number of cell phone and broadcast towers affects migratory birds, millions of which are killed each year when they run into the towers.


Austin Texas paper of October 8, 1998


(The WashingtonPost)

Homing pigeons, as the name suggests, are supposed to find their way home. But more than 2,000 of the creatures have disappeared this week and no one can explain it. The birds lost their way during two separate homing pigeon races held Monday. Out of 1,800 birds competing in a 200-mile race from New Market, VA to Allentown, PA, about 1,500 have vanished. And in a 159-mile race from western Pennsylvania to suburban Philadelphia, 700 out of 900 pigeons are missing. Most of the pigeons would have been back in their lofts within a few hours. Although it’s not unusual to lose a few birds during a race — a hungry hawk, for example, might snag a few racers — this week’s loss is extraordinary, organizers of the two events say. “There is something in the air,” said Gary Moore, who was the “liberator” for the 150-mile race, deciding when and where the birds were released. “To lose this many is just unbelievable.” Was it sun spots? A UFO? The currents of El Nino? It’s hard to come up with an answer pigeon enthusiasts say, because no one knows how homing pigeons do what they do. >>Disagree here, because lots of research on pigeon homing capabilities has been done. It has been determined that pigeons use about 3 methods 1) visual cues during the day; 2) geoelectromagnetic hints, & 3) star patterns at night. Blinded pigeons — or pigeons in a fog — still get home and “windmill” slowly in to a landing. Blinded pigeons with tiny permanent magnets attached to their heads produced totally confused birds!……jb<< Moore’s theory is that the disappearance may have something to do with CELLULAR PHONE ACTIVITY (my emphasis…jb). It’s widely accepted that the pigeons use electromagnetic fields to help the navigate and cellular phone calls might interfere with that process, he speculated. Most long-distance races are held on weekends when cellular phone activity is lower. But the two races in question were postponed for Sunday to Monday because of rain. Sun spots also can send the pigeons off course, but the sun activity that day was low, organizers say. Jim Effting, who lost 34 of the 37 birds he entered in the race to Allentown, also thinks that something very peculiar must have messed up the birds’ innate tracking systems. He says the birds took a wrong turn and could be in North Carolina by now. The three racers of his that finally made it home arrived Tuesday afternoon. They were exhausted, and it was obvious they had been flying lost for hours, said Effting, who lives in Emmaus, PA. What’s certain is that with each passing day, the chances that the birds will survive are decreasing. Unlike their wild pigeon brethren, these speed machines don’t know how to feed themselves in the wild and are easy prey. Editorial Note: An interesting supporting article appeared in the proceedings of a symposium and workshop held in Snowmass-at-Aspen CO, in 1973 [1] and sponsored by the National Science Foundation in concert with the Neuroelectric Society, the International Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin: There is an important chapter in the Proceedings about the action of large flocks of blackbirds and starlings, where hundreds of birds all turn, in milliseconds, and NONE OF THEM COLLIDE [1]. The video shown at the conference illustrated the rapid twisting and turning as the flock few in close formation. VERY impressive…as though all were of one mind! There was no twisting or wave motion indicative of visual or auditory cues! It was theorized that the birds used some sort of proximity detection sensory system based on microwave phenomena, since the structure of bird feathers was somehow related to microwave antennae! (also see [2]) ABSTRACT: [1] The apparently synchronous turning and wheeling of flocks of several bird species, particularly starlings (Sternus vulgaris), has long been a phenomena of curiosity and interest. The recent series of reports suggesting that birds may be able to detect the earthâ ™s magnetic field makes the hypothesis that turning movements in bird flocks may be coordinated by electromagnetic means more attractive. Such a signal would be instantaneous, could reach all birds in the flock regardless of their position relative to the signal source, and could carry sufficient information for turning movements. Analysis of films of turning flocks of birds and experimental studies of startle reaction times in birds in our laboratories have suggested that the electromagnetic radiation model could provide a parsimonious explanation for the observed behavior of the birds. There are several other presentations in the above book, relative to microwave sensitivity of living systems to extremely low intensity fields, and I remember one chapter in particular in this area by Dr. C. Romero-Sierra and J. Bigu del Blanco, Dept of Anatomy, of Queen’s College in Kingston, Ontario [3]. The above book, while expensive is worth having as an excellent early reference to bioeffects of electric field gradients, magnetic fields, microwave, and air ion effects. Buzzards (?): I have noted an interesting phenomenon about 8 miles south-southeast of here (Wimberley, Texas). This tower, each morning and afternoon all summer, has been a prime roosting spot on every cross-member for dozens of vultures (turkey buzzards)!! They may be getting an EMF radiation buzz and/or may be waiting for something to die! Seems quite symbolic, in several ways, of this whole microwave communication and cellphone long-term bioeffects situation. (Please keep in mind that it has long been known that selected EMF pulse rates, waveforms and frequencies have healing, sedation and emotion-evoking capabilities). I have noted many communication towers in my travels and have seldom seen birds on any of them. This is the first tower I have noted with so many birds and all of the same species. This might also be a good example of how one can make snap decisions, based on insufficient data and reach erroneous conclusions. Since I have not familiar with buzzard habits, it may be that the tower is just a convenient elevated roost, on a hill near a highway, where good road-kill scavenging is available. Canada help wondering though…. Email response to above, from: Bert Dumpe , 11 Nov 1998: Jim: I reported on the birds. The story you report verbatim as it appeared in the Washington Post seems to have been edited. The initial WP report put the number of the original population of birds starting the race at 3000. In addition, from their release point in Virginia, the birds were traveling to various destinations; a town in New Jersey, Brooklyn, NY, Allentown and Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the birds were lost enroute, and a HANDFUL alighted on property along the way or deviation thereto. Rest of the birds were not found, which remains the case to date. Generally the FIRST report of an incident is the most factual. Thereafter, the cover-up starts and the story is watered down and factual omissions prevail. This seems to be the case in the Texas version of the story. For instance, when the story broke, the bird racers positively stated that (paraphrased) “the electromagnetic RF emissions from cellphone devices and antennas changed the aerosol, which would affect the birds’ sense of direction.” This positive statement is from people who study bird biology and have sufficient knowledge to know “what environmental pollutants or objects would interfere with the birds’ mission and hinder the chances of a successful race.” Re your statement of the “vultures.” Interesting, and unusual. Can you send me copies of any pictures you take? This is unusual because generally birds (warm red-blooded) have been avoiding microwave towers, and often when they do alight on the towers large numbers of birds are found on the ground dead. Creatures normally found on towers, up to the height of the antennas, are roaches (cold-blooded). Your hypothesis is probably correct; “the vultures sense death in the air.” Sometime ago in one of my newsletters, I reported that birds migrating to Capistrano and points south for the winter disappeared over New Mexico. It is altogether possible that as well as disappearing, the birds are merely falling from the sky as has been reported in various places. In addition, any birds that would pass over the towers will be half dead and easy prey. This is also a reported fact. As for research on the magnetite in the head of birds, which I mentioned when this lost birds story was reported, this has already been done extensively. In fact, Kaune the researcher who co-authored the Linet NCI powerline study, was one of those who researched this. And you know what this turncoat said about powerline emissions being benign. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere already researched biomagnitite in the brain of animals and humans. With the loss of birds, death and deformity of reptiles (e.g., frogs, lizards) one had to be pretty thickheaded, a real bozo, or terribly dishonest not to know that electrification of the air is deadly. The worst is yet to come.     

Valladolid, 6th May 2002 Dear Sir: My name is Alfonso Balmori and I am a biologist and ornithologist from Valladolid (Spain). I am writing to you in order to send you my hypothesis about the decline of a couple of birds species, House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) and Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), in lots of British cities. The hypothesis has its origin in my tracking of birds in a park in Valladolid (Spain) from 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2002. Even though this study is not finished yet, it seems the preliminary results led to the decline of several species as has happened in England. With the hypothesis I will present in the following, which has not been published, I pretend to opt for the prize that you have proposed, even in the non-scientific side: “will be considered for inclusion if the particular observation or theory proves to be the starting point for the final scientific explanation” (Michel McCarthy 16/5/2000 The Independent). I have sent this letter by ordinary mail, could you please confirm its receipt and its acceptance for the context of your journal. Now I will provide the evidence to support my hypothesis. With best wishes.  

Alfonso Balmori Martínez C/ Navarra, 1   5ºB 47007 Valladolid Spain — Evidence of a conection between Sparrow decline and the introduction of Phone mast GSM (Global system for mobile communication) Alfonso Balmori Martínez “Disappearance of the Sparrow and the introduction of phone mast GSM correlate closely in terms of time”. Evidence: Since the second half of the nineties Base Stations for mobile telecommunication have been spreading across the urban centres. These base stations have increased the electromagnetic contamination “electrosmog” in the urban centres. The fundamental reason is that these devices produce 900 and 1800 MHz pulsated waves that interfere in the nervous system of living beings. There exist many scientific studies that warn about the danger for health in human and living beings of this kind of electromagnetic radiation electromagnética (MRW: microwave radiation) (look for example  G.J. Hyland: “Physics and biology of mobile telephony”: The Lancet, vol 356: 1-8. 25/11/2000). The circumstantial evidence of a connection between Sparrow decline and the introduction of Telecommunication Mast and Base Stations is strong. As the disappearance of the house Sparrow from the large cities correlates with the introduction of phone masts, the possibility that such cell masts (towers) are involved surely requires immediate investigation. The high frequency RF fields produced a response in many types of neurons in the avian Central Nervous System. Besides, some studies warn about the effects of these radiations on reproduction: Decreases in sperm counts and smaller tube development in rat testes (Dasdag et al., 1999) and increases in embryonic mortality of chickens, (Youbicier-Simo, et al., 1998). Why have British Sparrow populations indeed collapsed in big cities but not in small towns?: The number of Telecommunication Masts in big cities and the use of mobile phones, in general, is much greater than in small towns. Big cities usually have more electromagnetic contamination, but this differs between areas (vicinity of Masts) and because of this the decline of these birds does not happen to the same degree in different parks or neighbourhoods or different cities. Small towns usually have the telecommunication masts located away from the urban centre because this is sufficient to maintain the coverage. Because of this birds are less affected in small towns and villages. Telecommunication Masts usually are installed in high places in order to achieve more coverage for the signal. For this reason there is lower density power in lower places. These waves impact to the species in different ways depending on the breeding height, the height of singing, feeding, nest location, kind of nest etc. This is the reason for the decline of species that frequent roofs, aerials, phone wires or those with higher breeding height such us House Sparrows (Passer domesticus), Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) Magpies (Pica pica), but not those that live near the ground and vegetation like Blackbirds (Turdus merula), Robins (Erithacus rubecula), Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes), or those that breed in cavities where they are more protected like the Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus), Great Tit (Parus major), Coal Tit (Parus ater). Apart from that, it is likely that each specie will show different susceptibility to these radiations. In November 1999, in Scotland over one third of all Scottish Local Planning Authorities adopted or publicly committed themselves in to adopting precautionary policies as a direct result, by choosing to keep transmitter masts away from schools and residential areas.  Two years later the demise of the House Sparrows appears to have been reversed in Scotland (Paul Kelbie 10/11/2001, The Independent). It is most likely that the same will happen in Northern Ireland very soon as there will be Planning controls on mobile phones masts, and the new regulations will be stricter than any other region of the U.K. (Marie Foy, 11/4/2002, Belfast Telegraph). So we might expect an increase in House Sparrows and Starlings in Northern Ireland in the next few years. The electromagnetic field is the perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, you cannot feel it and its effects are slow but relentless My investigation: My study was carried out in the park of Campo Grande in the centre of Valladolid during 996, 1997 and 1998, when there were just a few Telecommunication Masts in Valladolid, and the results have been compared with those for the current year 2002, when the city has been covered in its totality. Now there are, at least, 5 Base Stations of three telecommunication operators in the vicinity of this park. There are several places in Valladolid where birds have disappeared with levels of radiation between 2 and 10 V/m. In recent years, lots of carrier pigeons got lost because of the electromagnetic fields coming from the Telecommunication Masts and Base Stations. Provisional results Birds tend to avoid places with high levels of electromagnetic contamination. Some  “silence areas” clearly exists where there are no song males. 11% of the species of breed have disappeared slowly from the park (2 of 17)  The number of song males of several species have decreased.


November 27-02 Hans-U. Jakob, 1.12.02; – excerpt from the German text translated by EMF-Omega-News London: at the Wednesday morning, November 27-02, on Radio BBC was to hear that in England the bird experts, bird protection societies and ornithologists strikes alarm, because in London within a year a decline of the sparrow population around one-quarter were assessed. Something that never existed before. The people are shocked and riddles around. For mobile radio-expert, that is meanwhile generally nothing mysterious. London belongs to the capitals of Europe with the thickest electropollution. Mobile radio-field strength of 4V/m are on public places almost everywhere the standard. That is yet far beneath the political limit values, however yet much further above the biological limit values. Confessed is that carrier pigeons, owls and tower falcon already in 1.4V/m stops with the upbringing of cubs. So one may not be surprised, that even the toughest and adaptableest in the bird world, the sparrows of London, abandon the brood business at 4V/m. Just as are propagation damage known in the cattle from high-frequent E-fields-strengths of 0.6V/m.


Cows Deformed living beside Cell Tower ( Germany 1996-1997 )


This is the translation of a 4 page German Veterianarian Document

original German Website

It is the official interim report of a Bavarian Government’s Veterianarian filed at the local Administration Office. ( to be legally relevant)    Traunstein is in Bavaria, Germany, known as a tourist center of the Bavarian Alps.   Schnaitsee is a rural community in that jurisdiction.  remarks in {italics} are for clarifcation of the translation original text is in [brackets]



Landratsamt Traunstein

April 16th. 1997


Animal Protection Act;
Cattle-operation Altenweger, Oberhof 4,

Conclusive interim report:

Because of grave problems with his cattle operation Mr Altenweger, at
Obernhof 4, Schnaitsee asked for an inspection of his dairy herd and in
case of findings for help. The circumstances that caused Mr Altenweger to
call the Veterinarian Office has been described by Mr Altenweger as
Since Fall 1995 Mr Altenweger has problems with his dairy
herd that caused him severe economic losses. Mr Altenweger also observed
since spring 1996 behavioural changes in his animals for which he could
find no other explanation – except a possibly harmful influence from the
nearby transmitter station.

1.) The following problems occured in his herd:

– increased aborting, without a determinable cause ( 5 cases within
15 months)

-fertility problems : According to the report of the insemination
technician it was assumed to be a cyclic problem since no changes at the
ovaries could be detected. The operation had very good fertility results
in the years back.

– cows became emaciated and had to be slaughtered some also put down
for illness. This very visible weightloss happend with two cows directly
following the calving or the abortion.

– several cows have inflammations around the eyes and are noticably
rubbing there eyes on anything around.

2.) The following abnormal behaviour was observed by Mr.

– several animals press their heads under the chest of the next
animal while all animals maintain a uniform position with their heads
(pointing away from the transmitter).

– several animals lift one foot constantly as if in pain, also a
restless shifting from one side to the other.

– the cow “Gundi” tramples nearly permanently from on side to the
other and also swings her head all the time (weaving);

– heifers, being pastured bei Mr.Altenweger on an ajacent lot only
laid down behind the stonewall of the barn. All heifers had in the fall
noticably thickened hind legs in the torsal joint area

Additionally Mr.Altenweger observered that of 6 swallow pairs, that
nested in his stable, all had young which all died shotly after
hatching. Not one of the young birds survived.

3.) Findings by the Veterinary Department Office [Landratsamt – Abt. Veterinaerwesen]

Mr. Altenweger informed Department 7 about these occurences by phone
in November 1996 and requested help. The operation Altenweger was
visited for the first time on November 29th 1996.
The behavioural
anomalies reported by Mr Altenweger could be verified by observation on
location at Obernhof and have mostly been documented on video.

4.) Conducted reserach :

To clarify possible causes for the established anomalies Department 7
asked the Bovine Department of the LM-University of Munich , Prof. Dr.
Klee, to conduct an appropriate investigation. Prof.Dr. Klee visited the
farm operation Altenweger on January 16th 1997.
Based on the
anamnesis and investigation Prof.Dr.Klee concluded that it could be a
feed and maintenance problem causing a disturbance in stomach acidity
[rezidivierende Pausenazidose] that could have lead to hoof problems
that could explain the abnormal trampling

The local veterinarians (Vet-clinic Dr. Boehn) conducted blood tests
on several animals with the result showing a certain imbalance in
minerals , whereby the significantly low calcium values could not be
explained as Mr. Altenweger uses a high calcium enriched feed.

Beside the veterinarian investigation, Prof Dr.Kaes from the
University of the Bundeswehr in Munich {German Military
was asked to conduct a measurement of the locally
present electro-magnetic fields.

Additionaly the Federal Office for Telecommunications conducted a
measurement of electro-magnetic fields. Both measurements revealed that
measurable elecro-magnetic fields are present on the property of the
farm operation Altenweger. The measured field strengths were below the
set limit as given in the federal guidelines [ BImSchVO] {German
emission safety code

5.) Baesed on the above listed investigations the following has being

a) Feed content and quantity analysis to determine if a feeding
problem is present.
The result showed feed conent and quantity to be
fully adequate in relation to the milk production of the animals. A
primary cause of the problem being related to feed is herewith

b) Two afflicted animals were moved to an other farm in the hamlet of
Trostberg 25 km away.
The animals were observed and video taped
several times, before the move, during their stay in the other stable,
and after their return. The test revealed that one animal (“Gundi”) that
suffered from noticable behavioural anomalies showed marked improvement
in the ‘guest’ location and symptoms disappeard totally after 5 days.
The second animal (“Belinda”) developed shortly after the move a
mastidis {udder infection} so that the evaluation if her
condition improved in the ‘guest’ stable can not be assessed properly.
However it was observerd that the abnormal feeding behaviour and very
sluggish movement standing up present at the Altenweger property
improved noticably in the guest location.

After the return to the farm operation Altenweger both animals showed
a deterioration and return of symptoms of abnormal behaviour as
previously observed.The second animal (“Belinda”) was moved back to the
guest location by Mr. Altenweger after about 2 weeks because her
condition deteriorated rapidly.

c) After a 4 year old cow suddely deceased at the begining of March
1997 a post-mortem was conducted at the Institute for Animal Pathology
at the University of Munich with the following result: Cause of death –
acute coronary and circulatory failure – no underlaying cause was found.
Noticable was the dry and unsufficiently chewed content of the

6. Conclusion;

a) The presence of electro-magnetic fields at the property Altenweger
, Obernhof
has been establish by measurements

b) Since the end of the year 1995 massed occurences of loss and
behavioural anomalies afflicted the dairy herd Altenweger that are
significant and also relevant under the Animal Protection Act.

c) A definitve cause for these occurences at the farm opertation
Altenweger could not be established despite the conducted research.

The diagnosis by Prof.Dr.Klee of a stomach problem [rezidivierende
Pausenazidose] is to be seen as a continuous problem. This is ,however,
not caused by a feeding or maintanance problem as our investigation and
calculations showed. The autopsy of the deceased animal as well as the
observed disturbed feeding habits points to a possible problem with



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