How people are really feeling about RF / 5G :

“Finally my toaster can communicate with my car while it cooks my brain”

“Wake up from this Techno Hell”

“The futures so bright I gotta wear shades ….. and a Farraday cage “

“5G will also fry your brain. Okay, go back to sleep now.”

“Doesn’t matter how fast when your phone plan is data capped”

“Finally, Google spyware can collect my information without slowing down my phone.”

“The entire Bell System is The Great Whore. It’s entirely obvious.”

“5G is a bad idea fry people’s brains”

“When it comes out observe people who are using these networks and notice chancges in behavior & speech”

“A military weapon,used since the 70’s. please do your own research”


“No one wants 5G! What we have is good enough. This is baloney the reason for 5G. It can be used as a weapon on the people. Notice LA and Boston are sanctuary cities that want to control people with 5G”

“Never before in history have humans been so cleverly induced to slowly exterminate themselves– and happily pay big money for the privilege.” – Amy Worthington,