Regulations for ‘small cell’ technology may bring ‘5G’ to Iowa


Backers of a bill that easily passed the Iowa legislature earlier this month say it’s designed to bring the digital “5G revolution” into Iowa.

“Almost 70 percent of Americans own a smart phone and about 90 percent use the internet. Despite the prevalence of 4G broadband, 5G networks will connect billions of new internet devices and will allow new and emerging technologies to flourish in our society,” says Senator Dan Zumbach, a Republican from Ryan.

The bill sets up a new framework for where things called “small cells” may be placed. It’s not a tower, but small cells are basically a piece of equipment attached to things like already-existing utility poles. Small cells dramatically boost internet speed. Some city and county officials have raised concerns about new “clusters” of this equipment creating hazards or messy views for nearby residents.


Iowa Senate Bill 431

Status: Passed on May 9 2017 – 100% progression




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