Car manufacturers think everyone wants WIFI / BlueTooth access in a Car or Truck, but for those with EHS, a sensitivity to radio frequency / microwaves / wireless, these systems cause health problems almost immediately.  It can effect anyone, even people that have had no previous health problems with wireless.  Take a look at the news articles coming out now, where people getting into the latest Trucks on the market do not feel well.

Most major Car manufacturers have these new computer like consoles that have wireless, but how many of them provide the option to the customer to FULLY shut OFF the wireless part of the system?  Most systems before 2015 have an Off switch (completely Off), but after 2015 they are more common to always be seeking a bluetooth/wifi signal,  every time you start up the car, whether you want it on or not.



Fullsize GM SUVs have a problem that’s making owners sick

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GMC Suburan with WIFI


Carsickness complaints: Family is ‘miserable,’ company aware of concerns

WZZM  Nov 10,  2016

HOLLAND, MICH. – There’s been no recall, but drivers of several large SUV’s say their GM vehicles are making them sick.

The complaints have been acknowledged by the automaker — a Holland-area family says there is no solution to the problem. That family contacted WZZM 13 On Your Side for help.

“I had vertigo, nausea, migraine, the whole way down, the whole way back from Florida…part of it would be a constant pressure on your ears… it’s just miserable”, says Barb Francis.

It all started back in November 2014 when she and her husband paid just more $60,000 for a new 2015 Suburban at DeNooyer Chevrolet in Holland.

“We love the car; we still love the car,” Francis said. “But when you get in, it’s like your ears start to hurt after a while.”

The couple says it got worse after they took their grandchildren on a trip to Florida. Francis and her granddaughter got sick.

If she’s not in that suburban, she doesn’t get sick,” Francis said.

They brushed it off at first but the next time they went on a long trip, her husband got sick.

“And he does not get sick, does not have that kind of thing,” Francis said. “He had vertigo, nausea, headaches. This is weird.”

It was then that the Francis’ searched the words “GM SUV making me sick.”  Several news articles popped up.

13 On Your Side discovered numerous complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in both 2015 and 2016. They included remarks like “Severe Headaches,” “Experiencing pressure in my ears”  and “makes me nauseous and dizzy.”

WZZM 13 Watchdog reporter Sarah Sell and investigative producer Emma Nicolas took the Suburban for a test drive. With cameras inside to capture all the details, a microphone picked up what many described as that buffeting noise, almost like a window is partly rolled down.

“Midway through I started to get a pressure headache,” Nicolas said. “I didn’t have anything with my ears. My ears weren’t bugging me. It was my head.”

The Francis’ have taken the suburban back to DeNooyer, and they made several attempts to fix it.

“They did the headliner, they changed the noise cancelling system, they drove it for 37 days, and put 720 miles on it,” Francis said. “There is major money into this and it’s still not fixed.”

Sales manager Dominique DeNooyer says they tried to work with the Francis’ on a solution.

“It puts us in the middle because we value the customer and our partnership with the manufacturer,” he said. “Our hands are tied.”

DeNooyer says the dealership did offer the Francis’ a similar vehicle, but they declined. Francis and her husband are paying more than $700 a month for the vehicle. At this point, they just want out of the lease.

Denooyer says it’s not that simple: “So, the lien is with the bank and as far as absolving the lease, we don’t have the ability because we don’t own that contract.”

The Francis have now hired a lemon law attorney. Several months later, they are still in negotiations. GM  declined to do an interview and sent us this statement:

“GM is aware of customers’ concerns regarding a buffeting noise in certain previous model year full-size GM utility vehicles. GM does not believe this is a safety issue.” The company went on to say, “If someone has a similar problem, they should take it to their GM dealer for potential repair under warranty.”

“We just want to be done with it. Take it back. Nobody wants to drive it. We’re not driving it,” Francis said. With the help of their attorney, they are working with GM on a settlement to buy back the vehicle. In the meantime, they continue making lease payments and the Suburban sits in the driveway.

GM will not say whether the problem has been fixed in later models.



Some GM SUV Owners Say Their Vehicles Are Making Them Sick

12.31.15  By

From time to time you might feel a bit nauseated while driving (or riding) from point A to point B, and that’s pretty normal. But it appears that some General Motors SUV owners are having a bit more than just a little bout of carsickness while trolling around in their vehicles. reports that some full-size SUV owners have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that a buffeting and vibration problem in their model year 2015 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, and GMC Yukon vehicles is making them sick.

Owners say the issue can vary from an annoying vibration inside the vehicle to a more severe shaking that causes dizziness and headaches.

The owner of a 2015 Suburban filed a complaint in March noting that the car was creating a “buffeting, pressure sound, and sensation at low to mid range speeds. Creating headache, dizziness and strain.”

In another complaint, a fellow 2015 Suburban owner, tells NHTSA when driving the vehicle “we experience an awful ear pressure vibration. The car is not drivable and is causing headaches and vertigo.”

GM spokesman Tom Wilkerson confirmed to AutoBlog that the company is aware of the complaints that it “has been tracking this issue for a while.” Wilkerson downplayed the scope of the problem, noting that that there is a fairly low rate of occurrence.

So far, the company hasn’t found an exact cause for the issue. In some cases, Wilkinson says that balancing tires or chafing door seals has helped.

Owner complaints filed with NHTSA suggest that a problem with a headliner in the vehicle’s roof might be connected.

In one complaint, the owner of a 2015 Suburban tells NHTSA that the “roof will not remain attached to the roof bows. This causes the buffeting similar to a window being down when all are up. The results span from annoying to painful.”

Another owner, this time of a 2015 Yukon, tells regulators that he brought his vehicle to a dealer at least seven times in four weeks because of vibration issues. In all, the service department replaced the driveshaft, suspension components, and more, but nothing worked.

GM tells Autoblog that the company is working with customers on an individual basis to fix things. Owners experiencing similar issues are advised to contact their local GM service department.

Fullsize GM SUVs have a problem that’s making owners sick [Autoblog]





English subtitles for German 2017 RTL video “Kopfschmerzen im Auto”, about an experiment demonstrating alarming brain effects from WLAN/WIFI and other electronic features of modern cars.




If ALL manufactures had an easy to use (and access) SHUT OFF SWITCH that completely cut the WIFI and Bluetooth off 100%, this would allow people time away from wireless (especially those who are effected by it).   A simple Off and On switch would allow the user to turn the wireless back on if needed.   Are manufactures already doing this?   Take a look at the reviews below, some are listening, others really need to catch up.






gm_console onstar_wifi gm_buick_4glte


GM / Chevrolett / Cadillac / Buick


” 10 TIMES faster then 3G service”

Media showing cases of people feeling dizzy when in these trucks with OnStar / WIFI LTE

“Drivers of several large SUV’s say their GM vehicles are making them sick”



After 2013 –  the bluetooth does NOT turn Off – Most Ford models have Microsoft SYNC, a system that sends a very strong blast of RF every single time you start the car, even if you don’t have a Bluetooth device.  As this video below shows, it turns on at the beginning, seeking a connection, then seeks again at random intervals.



2020 – Ford Sync 3 – WIFI Off Feature




Dodge / Chrysler

Uconnect prior to 2015 – YES you can fully shut OFF the cellphone system,  not that easy to use but it turns completely off

Uconnect after 2015 – NO YOU CAN NOT SHUT IT OFF –  Constant blast of WIFI / Bluetooth  – “Bad headache for hours after”  “Until they have a way of turning it Off, there is no way id ever buy this car”

( Uconnect® 8.4 NAV multimedia centre with 8.4-inch touchscreen and Uconnect® 5.0 multimedia centre with 5-inch touchscreen )

We went through the PDF Manual for this system, No where in their manual “2016-Uconnect_8.4_8.4N-Multimedia-2nd.pdf” did it mention how to TURN OFF bluetooth.





After 2015 – YES you can shut OFF the WIFI / Bluetooth.  Its not too complicated to do.

Settings>WIFI>OFF.   Icons at the top indicate if it is active or not.


Settings – Bluetooth Power – OFF




Nissan / Infiniti




Kia Connect


Kia 3G wifi shut off






It appears that once the car is programmed to the phone (WIFI), it continues to search for a phone.

You can likely go through the various menus to turn the WIFI off, a bit more menus then most people would want, but at least it can turn off.




Bluetooth devices can be deactivated according to Mazda’s manual page 5-84, but we are not certain if the Bluetooth continues to broadcast or not ( like Ford Sync or Chrysler/Dodge UConnect )  Further investigation underway.




Toyota  Lexus   

One owner who purchased a recent Toyota had big problems with the Bluetooth.

Directions :  Setup – Wifi – Wifi Hotspot – OFF 





Bluetooth devices can be deactivated, but we are certain if the Bluetooth continues to broadcast or not ( like Ford Sync or Chrysler/Dodge UConnect )  Further investigation underway.




Bluetooth – further research currently underway


Volkswagon / Audi / Porche

In most VW models there is a menu where you can turn Bluetooth and Wifi off.




Wifi / Bluetooth – from their instruction, you should be able to turn both Bluetooth and WIFI Off





Wifi LAN HotSpot / Bluetooth – From their videos it appears the Mercedes does not have an easy Off switch for WIFI or Bluetooth.

Connects up to 4 devices at the same time




No WIFI, but Bluetooth



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