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Smart Meter Fire at Quinte West FIRE HALL

  October 1st, 2017 by Brock Ormond Trenton / Quinte, Ontario The Quinte West Fire department’s response to a late Saturday afternoon fire was very fast – it was at their own station. Around 5 p.m. yesterday, Fire Captain Chris Wigley and another firefighter were in the office at their headquarters on 165 Front Street in […]

Ontario smart meter explodes next to gas line

PAUL BRIAN, POSTMEDIA NETWORK –  FIRST POSTED: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 03, 2015 05:01 PM EDT Jim Pulcine (left) and his wife Veronica Onyskiw look at the damage where their hydro smart meter was formerly attached to their home, June 3, 2015. (PAUL BRIAN/Postmedia Network) COLLINGWOOD, Ont. – Veronica Onyskiw woke up to the sound of her dog […]

Ontario plans to Protest Smart Meters

  Enough Is Enough – Hydro One Protest Queens Park, Toronto  5/13/2015     Enough Is Enough – Hydro One Protest Kingston,  March 21, 2015     Enough is Enough – Facebook Group  

Sudbury electricity bill skyrockets

Pierre Bonin says no one will want to buy his Walden cottage once they see the bills he has to pay – CBC News Sudbury – June 16, 2014: (audio 07:42) Sky high hydro bill – Morning North – CBC – June 16, 2014 A Sudbury man is worried his whopping electricity bill could […]