Surrey BC

Students, Teachers and Parents at Sullivan Hieghts school in Surrey BC demand a forum and then a meeting with City Hall – to remove an already signed contract for cell towers ontop of this highschool. Feb 26 2003,  The contract was cancelled with the cellular provider.


Vancouver BC

FraserView School Antennas Removed – Feb 1999


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate Program, from the February 9, 1999 segment entitled “Cone of Silence.”

…The cellular company approached the school board and what they made an arrangement to do was to put transmitters and receivers on top of this 85-year-old school in exchange for annual rent.

MALAREK: How much money are we talking here?

BOWLING: Well, I’m not sure exactly – they keep that confidential – but I believe it’s around $9,000 or $10,000 a year.

MALAREK: Milt wanted to know if the darn things were safe or not, and to his surprise, he couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone.

BOWLING: My concern I guess is worst-case. If the best scientists in the world can’t agree that it’s safe, who is anybody else to say that it is?

MALAREK: So Milt mobilized the neighborhood and eventually got the school board on side. There would be no antenna on this school.


Maple Ridge BC – Cancer Cluster

10 Teachers at Canadian School surrounded by 3 Towers

9 teachers and 2 students that have been diagnosed with cancer while working or attending Riverside..   The most recent death due to cancer was last week; one of the teachers there developed brain cancer.  She appeared to be fine in November (2007), but now the school and the teachers family is mourning the loss..


http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=0be41dba-71fa-4263-9d43-258972dc7ffb link

Cancer cluster hits school

B.C. Cancer Agency will study a cluster of cancer diagnoses — 10 teachers over several years — at Riverside elementary in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows school district.


MAPLE RIDGE – The B.C. Cancer Agency will study a cluster of cancer diagnoses — 10 teachers over several years — at Riverside elementary in the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows school district.

“We think that’s a fairly high number compared to the general population,” said district teachers’ union president Drusilla Wilson.

The school board’s occupational health and safety officer, Judy Dueck, said a “whole bunch of variables” need to be looked at to determine whether this is a cancer cluster or just a coincidence.

“We’re prepared to carry through because the anxiety levels are high,” Dueck said.

The study will be led by the B.C. Cancer Agency, and Dueck is starting to collect data for it, starting with a staff survey at Riverside.

The latest cancer victim from Riverside died on Jan. 2 of brain cancer. However, all her colleagues who have been diagnosed have recovered. The cancer types have ranged from breast cancer, throat and larynx cancer, to leukemia, according to Wilson.


Four Pupils from a school surrounded by

15 mobile phone masts have been struck down by Brain Cancer.





Sixteen Teachers had Cancer from 1988 – 2005

PSUSD Discusses Cell Phone Tower Cancer Risks

By Philippe Djegal, News Channel 3 Reporter

POSTED: 10:57 pm PST January 25, 2011

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Parents and teachers with the Palm Springs Unified School District were up in arms Tuesday over cell phone towers near their schools.   http://www.kesq.com/news/26618090/detail.html


3 Kindergarten Children die of Cancer,

Bayville School, Chicago



European Teachers want ban on Cell Phone Towers








After 2 Ripon Children Diagnosed with Cancer, Kids and Parents Protest Cell Tower on School Grounds


POSTED 4:46 PM, MAY 31, 2017  BY , UPDATED AT 04:33PM, MAY 31, 2017

RIPON CALIFORNIA  – In a colorful protest, about two dozen Weston Elementary school kids in Ripon skipped class on Wednesday and demanded that the Ripon Unified School District remove what they believe is a cancer causing agent.

“Take down that cell tower,” Kyle Prime, a cancer survivor, said.

“Having a cell phone tower on a school ground, it’s… in 2011 it was classified as a known carcinogen so that tells me that it shouldn’t be around our children,” Prime’s mother, Kellie, told FOX40.

Kyle, 11, was diagnosed with cancer last year.

“I had a Wilms’ tumor in my left kidney,” Kyle said.

Another parent, Monica Ferrulli said her 10-year-old son, Mason, was diagnosed six months later.

I had brain cancer,” Mason said.

Both mothers said it was devastating to learn of their sons’ diagnoses. They believe the radiation from the communications tower, which was installed in 2009 on the school’s campus, may be the reason their sons got sick.

“It’s there. It’s very, very close to the buildings. The kids are there, six, seven hours a day,” Prime said.

The American Cancer Society said there is very little evidence that these towers cause cancer. Even so, Ferrulli said she has demanded answers from the school district only to remain in the dark.

“They don’t know when it’s tested, what the last radiation levels that were tested. How often it’s tested,” Ferrulli said.

We’ve called, emailed the school board and even showed up to the superintendent’s office but administrators told us she wasn’t available. No one would comment. Now, both boys are cancer free but their parents, who are fighting to keep it that way, said they might have to transfer their kids to a different school for their health.

“At this point we just have to eliminate any possible factors that could cause it to come back,” Ferrulli said.





Campus Building Blamed for Cancer Cluster


Joseph Ho/Guardian – Protesters at the University of California, San Diego, are lobbying school administrators to address a “cancer cluster” linked to a campus building.

A building on the University of California, San Diego, campus is being blamed for a cluster of breast cancer cases, raising new questions about the risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Last week, students and professors marched and carried signs to protest what they called a “crisis of safety,” claiming that the university has failed to address worries that the campus literature building is the site of an inordinate number of cancer cases. The protesters delivered a petition signed by more than 1,300 people to the university chancellor, Marye Anne Fox, according to a report in the university’s newspaper, The Guardian.

At least eight workers in the campus building have been diagnosed with breast cancer since 2000, and a handful of other cancers, including ovarian and salivary gland cancers, have also been reported. The number of breast cancer cases alone is significantly more than would have been expected by chance, according to a June analysis by Cedric Garland, an epidemiologist at the university. In that report, he notes that the risk of invasive breast cancer for employees in the literature building appears to be four to five times higher than that of the general California population. To read the full report, click here.

Building workers and researchers are concerned the source of the problem may be the building’s elevators, which rest on the first floor and emit an electromagnetic field. According to the report from Dr. Garland:

The issue of the etiological role of EMF in breast cancer is still not resolved with final scientific certainty, despite decades of research. However, the lack of such certainty should not be a reason to avoid taking moderate measures to minimize needless exposure of workers to power frequency EMF.

According to The Guardian, the University “has vacated areas with risk of exposure to high EMF levels” and replaced elevator motor devices and other fixtures to reduce generation of electromagnetic fields. A University of California, Los Angeles, researcher, Leeka Kheifets, has been asked to continue the investigation, although critics are wary of her ties to the Electric
Power Research Institute, an arm of the electric utility industry, according to a report in Microwave News.

The university has created a Web site where it summarizes the literature building study as well as the interim safety measures it has taken, as well as links to scientific literature on electromagnetic fields and cancer. Click here to see the site.

In 2003, scientists reported that they found no link between a much publicized breast cancer cluster on Long Island and exposure to electromagnetic fields.




Bogle Highschool,  Chandler Arizona





Letters: Shady Side cellphone tower puts money over community’s interests

Annapolis, MD

Cellphone tower

As a resident of Shady Side, a teacher and the mother of six school-aged children, I oppose the decision to erect a cellphone tower on the Shady Side Elementary School grounds. This tower favors a small financial gain for the school system over the best interest of the community.

I live next to the school and am concerned about my family’s health. Supporters of the tower have obviously not read current studies finding radio frequency, or RF, radiation to be a probable carcinogen.

Current U.S. safety standards were created in 1996, before we had smartphones and towers everywhere. I look to current, global, peer-reviewed studies to inform my beliefs, and so should the school board. There is more than sufficient science to show a direct correlation between RF radiation and many diseases and health issues.

Even Verizon’s website says there is no proof RF radiation is absolutely safe. Just this year the American Cancer Society published on its website that the U.S. National Toxicology Program has found exposure to RF radiation linked to a higher risk of two cancers.

We are so addicted to our devices that we are failing to remember our children need us to protect them, not provide them with better cell coverage at the cost of their health.

The supporters’ argument is about connecting to devices and safety. Any device can be connected to WiFi and I suggest using a land line. Verizon coverage in Shady Side is already good, according to Verizon’s coverage maps.

Supporters argue that cellphones and microwaves are more dangerous than towers. Unlike towers, you can choose to turn them off. With this tower, parents would have no choice but to expose their children to RF radiation every single day. This would be government-mandated radiation for our children.

Our say: Some cell tower disputes may not be worth it for schools








We are posting this with the permission of the mother of a young boy, Mason Ferrulli, who has a brain tumor. Mason attended a school in Ripon, CA that has a cell tower on the school grounds. Both Mason and his best friend were diagnosed with tumors at the same time.

More than 3,300 parents, area residents, as well as students at the school, are demanding the cell tower on the school property be removed.



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Here is a letter from Mason. The situation is tragic.


See Risks of School WiFi Exposure






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