An Act Respecting the Prevention of Potential Health Risks

From Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation


On Monday January 19th 2015 Oakville Member of Parliament Terence Young announced multi-party support for his Private member’s Bill requiring manufacturers of wireless devices to place health warnings labels on their packaging.

Terence Young is known for championing a new Law enacted in 2014 requiring pharmaceutical companies to better label serious side effects from their pills. The law, known as Vanessa’s Law, was passed after Young’s teenage daughter Vanessa died of a heart attack from a medication she was taking. On the heels of that improvement in safety warnings on pharmaceuticals, Young has now shifted his focus to warning labels on cell phones and other wireless devices because they are determined to be a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization (2011 Class 2b) the same category as lead and DDT.

“This is not a partisan Bill, it is one that affects every party,” said Young. “Members across Canada are hearing from our constituents that they don’t want our amazing twenty first century communications to cause a twenty first century health crisis. It’s time to label the packages with the same warnings the manufacturers already put in fine print.”


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