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Smart Meters Reveal Movie and TV Viewing Habits

  28th Chaos Communication Congress Behind Enemy Lines SPEAKERS :  Dario Carluccio & Stephan Brinkhaus Smart Hacking For Privacy Advanced metering devices (aka smart meters) are nowadays being installed throughout electric networks in Germany, in other parts of Europe and in the United States. Due to a recent amendment especially in Germany they become more and […]

Radio : StopSmartMeters talks to CKNW

Walter McGinnis speaks to CKNW’s Bill Good on Oct 12 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] 0

Vander Zalm mulls a fight against Smart Meters

by Jonathan Fowlie    July 29., 2011 In fighting the Harmonized Sales Tax, Former premier Bill Vander Zalm has regained significant public attention and profile. But what will happen when the referendum is over, and HST issue is finally put to rest? Vander Zalm was asked about this Thursday on CBC’s Power and Politics, and offered a surprising […]

Kamloops : The Dark Side of Smart Meters The dark side of smart meters JUNE 6, 2011 Re: Smart Meters Set to Roll Out In Kamloops, May 27, 2011. Tests in the U.S. show smart meters are extremely easy to hack. Won’t that just make it easier to steal electricity? Information about our personal activities will be collected and broadcast wirelessly. BC […]

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