The dark side of smart meters

JUNE 6, 2011

Re: Smart Meters Set to Roll Out In Kamloops, May 27, 2011.

Tests in the U.S. show smart meters are extremely easy to hack. Won’t that just make it easier to steal electricity?

Information about our personal activities will be collected and broadcast wirelessly. BC Hydro claims they will protect this information, but the video “The Dark Side of Smart Meters” shows how a $3.24 chip will enable tech-savvy spies to discover whether someone is home and exactly what they are doing. What about our security?

Smart meters were found to violate the legal right of privacy in the Netherlands and people there were given a choice to opt out: What about our right to privacy? Shouldn’t we also have a choice?

And what about other smart meter problems, such as health complaints, easier disconnection of service, plants dying around the meter, fires and explosions, interference with and damage to electronics (especially medical equipment), and, of course, the huge increases people  are seeing on their electricity bills?

The Liberal government passed legislation to strip the Utilities Commission of the power to oversee the smart meter project: What about public input? Who is there to protect the public interest? And who do we go to for honest answers to our questions?