( Stitswerd is a village in the municipality of EemsmondGroningen, the Netherlands. )
5 Dutch dairy farmers in Stitswerd, Groningen, witnessed a mystery on Saturday, January 28. Several hundreds of cows from the 5 dairy farmers simultaneously started running riot without a clear cause. The cows bumped into each other and the fences of their cowshed. One of the farmers said that their behavior really looked like agony, so it was not just a moment of frustration for the cows, it was really a life or death situation.


Even more shocking is that the farmers all have experienced these panic attacks from their cows several times before, for the lasts few months. However, these kinds of mysterious events only seem to occur around the small town called Stitswerd.


It was speculated that a raptor bird might have caused the panic attack, however, this can’t be true since it happened at 5 dairy farms simultaneously. A veterinarian has been consulted as well, but she couldn’t find an explanation either. Another possibility is that an earthquake scared the cows, but none of the farmers felt anything themselves. Besides, cows in Groningen should be used to earthquakes due to the regular gas drilling in the province (which is progressively destructive to the land and houses of Groningen by the way, damn fossil fuels!).


The most logical conclusion is that the panic attacks are caused by the recent testing of 5G Wi-Fi in the North of Groningen, exactly were Stitswerd is located! Groningen is the first flat land region where they are testing 5G. Other places are Finland and South-Korea, but there they are testing in urban regions. 5G is being tested on urban and flat land because on flat land there are no obstacles to influence the network signals. Additionally, 5G can be used for self-driving agricultural machinery and to moderate the farming soil and such.

What do the cows of Stitswerd do?

THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 2017, 07:37

Milk farmers in Stitswerd have been struggling with a lot of puzzles lately: their cows regularly panic, run into death anxiety through the stable and are almost unable to calm down.

Death anxiety
The phenomenon has occurred since last fall. ”Suddenly you see that they jump and start running at the same time,” says dairy farmer Jan Oudman. ”As they do, the walls of the stable are almost out. They sweat from the unrest. It’s really anxiety. ”

Near the neighbors
The strange thing is that this occurs not only in Oudman’s business but also in four or five other companies in the area. At the same time there are also panic on those farms. For example, by farmer Piet van den Berg, the neighbor of Oudman. ”They almost break the tent here,” he summarizes the unrest.

The farmers in Stitswerd have no idea what causes the panic attacks, which occur around three to four times a month. Also, the vet who consulted them does not know. It is more common for cows to be restless, but according to the vet, on this scale and at the same time, several farms are very strange.

‘Head in the air’
“They’re stuck in the sky, it’s like it’s coming from there. I do not think it’s coming through earthquakes, because they’re already used to it, “says Oudman.

If the problem also occurs with dairy farmers in other parts of the province, he would like to contact these farmers.